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Digital Empowers 2023: Ethical Technology for Access, Accessibility, and Sustainability


According to the latest report published by Digital Empowers, Tata Consultancy Services’ corporate social responsibility thought leadership program, promoting inclusion and belonging in significant ways necessitates the deliberate use of digital technology. This view is shared by the Digital Empowers community, which is active through forums, focused collaboration, and an annual summit, in “Exploring Transformational Tech,” the program’s 2023 Annual Report.
The report also states that members of the Digital Empowers Collaborative, a group of leaders from business, academia, and nonprofit organizations, believe that achieving genuine and measurable results requires both the strategic use of technology and careful collaboration between strategic partners.
“The Digital Empowers Collaborative identified three significant areas in need of focus: leveraging digital tech to create more inclusive and brave spaces to enhance DE&I, the impact of place and access to technology, and lastly, the barriers relating to digital knowledge, dexterity, capabilities, and communication differences,” said Lauren Cochrane, manager, Global Leadership Development, Marriott International.
The Collaborative examined three main obstacles to a sense of belonging:
  • Access o Significant disparities exist in access to broadband internet and connected devices due to issues with connectivity and infrastructure. These disparities are further amplified by factors such as age, income, education, and disability.
  • Bias and Absence of Belonging o Many of today’s systems do not align with the current workforce, necessitating more innovation to establish genuine diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.
  • Generational Differences o The workplace now comprises five generations for the first time in history. Misunderstandings arising from different work styles and communication methods can easily undermine trust, underscoring the importance of reskilling and upskilling for different generations.
The Digital Divide was a recurring and significant issue across all these challenges. Therefore, the Collaborative examined the problem from various perspectives, including geography, age, access, and proficiency. One identified need was to enhance digital literacy among older workers.

To address this, Collaborative members developed a concept for a mentor-mentee matching app that would pair digitally proficient professionals with workers seeking to improve their use and understanding of digital technology. This experience would be beneficial for both groups.
“Digital Empowers brings the collective wisdom of cross-sector leaders to accelerate innovation at the intersection of technology and pressing social issues,” said Balaji Ganapathy, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer for TCS.
“Focusing on dimensions of economic, environmental, food and health security, we believe the power of collective action can help move conversations to commitments and collaborations that result in meaningful positive change.”
In 2023, Digital Empowers examined the potential of ethical technology to positively impact issues related to access, accessibility, and environmental sustainability through the achievement of a circular economy.
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