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Denmaur’s Recycled Revive Range of Papers Provide Double Benefit of Free ‘Carbon Balanced’ Certification


Denmaur sought to take the next leap in sustainable paper movement by churning the wheel of circular economy with recycle paper launch.

Dailycsr.com – 20 June 2017 – In the month of April 2016, the United Kingdom’s “one of the largest paper merchants”, Denmaur Independent Papers, started an initiative of “a comprehensive range of recycled papers”, under the name of “Revive”.
Denmaur made this attempt following the popular trend of various organisations and companies alike towards embracing a “sustainable solution” in regard to “printed media and communications”, probably an industry wide effort prove their “willingness” to do something beyond the limit of just “enough”.
Several years, Denmaur has been in close working relation with various “forward thinking companies” and dealt in “CSR strategy and policy”. What Denmaur clearly gathered that some of the companies in this line were “way ahead of government policy”. This came to Denmaur as an encouragement to proceed with Revive project.
It was apparent that industry needed to shift towards “a circular, low carbon economy” given the priority already set forth by “key businesses” which reflected in their policy matters. While, the COP21 Paris agreement on Climate Change that took place in the month of December 2015 was nothing less the “official rubber stamp of global climate change policy”.
Taking a look at the changing political scenario, the Marketing Director of Denmaur, Peter Sommerville, observed:
“We retain the belief that it is inevitable that companies and individuals alike will have to face facts and be more particular about their use of finite resources and energy.”
One of the emphasis of the paper industry over the last decade has been on the “FSC® and PEFC” certification standards. So much so that most of the U.K’s “virgin fibre paper grades” are sourced sustainably under certification. However, the following step to take the same into the next level would be “demonstrate paper as a circular product in action”. Keeping this in mind, Denmaur set off in its journey with Revive that launched “range of recycled papers”.
Revive features various recycled paper options including several “coated and uncoated options”. Moreover, Revive has been received well among the “corporate” as well as the education sectors. The success of Revive could be attributed to “its ability to match the printing and visual performance of premium virgin fibre products in the graphical sector”. Furthermore, adding to its success story Denmaur informed:
“Denmaur, through the efforts of its Sustainability Manager, Danny Doogan, verified the scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions associated with the manufacture and distribution of the Revive range, and in collaboration with the World Land Trust, successfully offset these emissions through their Carbon Balanced Paper project. Hence Revive delivers a double benefit in the form of a certified recycled product that is Carbon Balanced, free of charge!”
“Revive 100 Media” was launched support Revive’s mission through “magazine and catalogue” marketing.
While UBM, “one of the earliest global event management companies to be awarded the coveted ISO20121 standard for Sustainable Event Management”, has also been among the companies with which Denmaur conducted discussions regarding the “use of recycled papers” from the year of 2013, therefore:
“The unique double of Revive’s recycled profile combined with its carbon balanced solution was immediately appealing to a top FT250 company, UBM EMEA, who are part of the UBM plc group. They initially chose to use Revive 100 Silk supplied by Denmaur for their printed marketing requirements. From the outset, UBM’s decision making had been driven by the requirements of their broader corporate strategy which places sustainability at the very core of their operations”.