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Demag Offers New Safety Measures In Crane Operations


Demag DIR crane remote control system has advantages over the conventional technique.

Dailycsr.com – 12 September 2016 – Terex Material Handling has come up with its new range of “Demag DIR infrared” remote controls which enables the crane operators to function with a “viable alternative” in contrast to the “conventional radio controls”.
Likewise, the new generation crane remote controls are wireless, which provides of the strong feature of the product. Moreover, the Demag DIR system proves advantageous over the “radio controllers” for the former operates within a “considerably shorter range, of some 40 metres between the transmitter and sensor(s)”.
It plays to the benefit of the operator because the person in charge can “limit the distance” for controlling the crane as per the controller’s wish, which heightens security and safety measures, while HSE reports that:
“This specifically limited range ensures that operators are always in close proximity to the equipment, providing a clear view of the lifting and moving process”.