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Del Monte Foods collaborates with non-profits for a healthier tomorrow


Del Monte Foods, Inc. is committed to supporting nonprofit organizations in their mission to nourish people, the planet, and communities as part of its Growers of Good purpose to grow a healthier and more hopeful tomorrow.

Alliance for a Healthier Generation Nonprofit Partnerships
Del Monte Foods has partnered with the nonprofit Alliance for a Healthier Generation to reach 7.5 million students and their families through the signature "Nourishing Families By Nourishing Schools" program, which will begin in 2022. The program aims to improve overall health equity by providing nutrition education and resources to students and families across the country in order to help them improve their overall health.

National Association of Black Farmers
Del Monte Foods supports the National Black Farmers Association (NBFAeducation)'s and advocacy efforts for civil rights, land retention, access to public and private loans, education, agricultural training, and rural economic development for Black and other small farmers through its partnership.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
Through their School Visit Program, the Crystal Bridges Museum in Northwest Arkansas serves 50,000 K-12 students each year. Del Monte Foods has supported the museum since 2014 and currently sponsors the School Visit Program, which allows classrooms to participate for free. Stipends are provided to each classroom to cover transportation and substitute teacher fees, as well as a free healthy lunch while at the museum. Because the majority of students in the region are enrolled in free/reduced lunch programs, providing a free lunch for every student is especially important in removing barriers to access.

Farming for the Future Foundation
The Farming for the Future Foundation is attempting to establish contact with local educators and agricultural experts. The non-profit is developing a teaching farm, children's museum, science center, and community workshop in the heart of Wisconsin, all rolled into an engaging celebration of food and farming. The venue will soon bring people together on a journey into the world of modern agriculture, where visitors can meet the people behind food production, build new science and engineering skills, and learn through play and exploration, thanks to the support of Del Monte Foods.

Employee Resource Group Specific Donations
Each year, funds are allocated to Del Monte Foods' Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to donate to charities of their choice, including past recipients such as: • The Cesar Chavez Foundation • Gay for Good • AIDS Lifecycle Product Donations

In addition to donating money to charitable organizations, the company generously donates food when and where it is most needed, including through partnerships with Feeding America, Convoy of Hope, the American Red Cross, and other community-based organizations. Del Monte Foods donated over 3 million pounds of food worth over $1.5 million during its fiscal year 2022.
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