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DOW Paint Vision: Empowering Sustainable Innovation & Digital Transformation


Through the integration of robust data and extensive expertise spanning decades, DOW™ Paint Vision emerges as a valuable ally in the transition to digitalization, removing obstacles for formulators and enabling them to dedicate more time to innovation.
Paint and coatings formulators encounter increasing challenges daily, from meeting customer expectations to adhering to environmental regulations, all while striving for rapid innovation. Despite this, the formulation process remains largely unchanged from three decades ago.
The digital revolution has revolutionized how we engage in activities like shopping, learning, and socializing. Similarly, coating formulators aspire to introduce the same level of digitalization into their laboratories and experimental technologies that they experience in other aspects of their lives.
Imagine if formulators could effortlessly identify the appropriate binder, dispersant, or rheology modifier for their projects, compare alternatives, and even order samples for experimentation – all through a unified digital platform.
This vision is now a reality with DOW™ Paint Vision, an online nexus that amalgamates scientific expertise and insights with cutting-edge technology, presenting a comprehensive suite of user-friendly tools and resources. It seamlessly connects top-tier research and development with a vast repository of data points sourced from Dow labs, merging them with the latest sustainability trends and end-user demands.
In scenarios where formulation for water sensitivity, UV resistance, or heightened sustainability standards is imperative, DOW™ Paint Vision eliminates the need for manual data collection through trial and error in physical labs. Instead, it furnishes AI-driven solutions tailored to specific performance and cost criteria.
When paints and coatings are formulated upon this robust foundation of data, the likelihood of real-world performance increases substantially, all while drastically reducing the time required compared to traditional laboratory methodologies. Research conducted at the University of Maribor suggests that a digitalized lab can slash nearly 48 percent of the time needed to develop a new formulation, as opposed to analog methods. These time savings empower formulators to fail faster, explore a broader spectrum of innovations, and expedite time to market.
DOW™ Paint Vision, constructed and endorsed by Dow scientists, serves as a digital service platform that guides users through every stage of their journey, offering swift access to the latest research findings, product samples, training materials, and more. One of its standout features, the Formulation Xpert tool within the DOW™ Paint Vision platform, empowers formulators to align ingredients and attributes with specific applications, drawing upon Dow's extensive technical knowledge and expertise to design high-performance paints that meet various formulation targets.

Product Selector
DOW™ Paint Vision’s cutting-edge Product Selector empowers users to compare ingredients, access technical data effortlessly, and order samples with just a few clicks. This tool also facilitates product selection based on regional availability, aiding in global supply chain planning.
Paint Quality Studio
An online repository featuring over 100 self-paced educational videos, the Paint Quality Studio serves as a comprehensive resource for both new hires and seasoned scientists in the lab. Covering a wide array of topics ranging from resins and additives to architectural and industrial coatings, it provides a direct learning platform from industry experts.
Driving Sustainability through Digitalization
Our commitment to fostering a sustainable future is reflected in our efforts to reduce carbon footprint, promote circular economy practices, and develop safer materials meeting performance benchmarks. Leveraging data and decades of scientific expertise, DOW™ Paint Vision supports our customers in crafting the next generation of sustainable coating solutions.
OpTiO2nizer™ Tool
Within the platform, the OpTiO2nizer™ tool aids formulators in creating environmentally friendly, durable, high-performance formulations, eliminating guesswork. This tool offers an instant means to reduce titanium dioxide content in formulations, thereby lowering carbon emissions and costs.
Recognized Innovation
Since its debut at the 2022 American Coatings Show in North America, DOW™ Paint Vision has evolved into a global platform, earning accolades for its innovative technology. In 2023, it clinched the ICIS Innovation Award in the Best Digital Innovation category, acknowledging its role in driving digital transformation and sustainable change in the chemicals industry. Additionally, it received the 2023 BIG Innovation Award in the Product Technology category from the Business Intelligence Group, honoring its contribution to pioneering new ideas.
Your Digital Transformation Partner
Navigating the digital landscape doesn’t have to be a solitary journey. With a fusion of robust data and extensive expertise, DOW™ Paint Vision stands as a valuable ally in the digital transition, eliminating barriers and enabling formulators to focus more on innovation.