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Customised Sustainable Solutions At Kingfisher


The sustainability report of Kingfisher maps its sustainability performance for the year of 2015.

Dailycsr.com – 23 June 2016 – The Company of Kingfisher, specialising in “home improvement”, has released its “Sustainability Report 2015/16”, which captures the company’s progress in the direction of “becoming a restorative Net Positive business”.
The company aims to bring “home improvement” at an accessible range of everyone, whereby all can have a “feel good” factor about their home. To Kingfisher, the definition of a good home is of a sustainable one which provides a healthy environment, uses a smart resource layout, runs on efficient energy consumption and most important of all comes at an affordable price.
The sustainability report of Kingfisher provides a detailed insight into the ways the company arrives at customised “sustainable solutions” to its customers for “create good homes” at the same time ensuring a benefit not only for its business but also for the “communities and the environment” altogether. Here are some of the highlights from the report:
  • “Innovation – 28% of Kingfisher’s revenue is now driven from products that help customers create more sustainable homes, well on the way to its ambition of 50% by 2020.
  • “Energy – energy saving products and services have saved Kingfisher customers £750m in energy bills – enough to power every home in Paris for over a year. It has reduced its own energy intensity by 15% and opened its first energy positive store during 2015.
  • “Timber – 96% of timber used in Kingfisher products is now sustainably sourced and the business has launched a collaboration with RSPB and its Birdlife partners that will restore 100,000 hectares of over-logged tropical forest in Indonesia”. 
For downloading the entire Sustainability Report of Kingfisher for the year of 2015, kindly visit www.kingfisher.com/sustainabilityreport. In the words of the chief executive officer at Kingfisher, Véronique Laury:
“Whilst customers are working within tight budgets, we know they care deeply about securing healthy, safe, durable and comfortable surroundings and want to be part of a vibrant community – because they’ve told us. Our challenge is to provide easy, affordable and sustainable solutions to help them realise these things. I want Kingfisher to be a truly sustainable company – both in its operation and its offering.”