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Critical Data Gaps In The Beverage Sector


BIER concentrates on bridging the data supply gaps at the local level.

Dailycsr.com – 18 July 2018 – Currently, the world we live in is data driven; as a result data is all pervading and for businesses it is becomes a tool that provides insightful information which can help in “decision-making” processes besides enabling “quicker innovation”.
However, beverage companies seem to miss a “critical data link” which caters to watersheds specifically, whereby informing the companies about “accessible, reliable, and actionable” watersheds in the vicinity. Sadly, in many places “local data” does not exist while for some beverage brands can only align with “local stakeholders” and face “limited data granularity, a shortage of skilled local experts, data variability due to climate change, and wide-ranging levels of maturity” mainly in the field of “public water challenge awareness and scientific data collection”.
Water is the lifeline for the beverage sector, therefore protecting this resource not only is an important step but it also promotes “sustainable watersheds and communities”. However, this cannot be achieved without local data wherein the entire community needs to chip in.
Right from its inception days back in the year of 2006, the “Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable”, in short BIER members have made “collective efforts” towards enhancing “water stewardship inside and outside the beverage sector”. In fact, BIER has also published “Performance in Watershed Context Insights Paper” along with its framework. Now BIER turns its focus on narrowing down on the gaps in the data chain.
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