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Creating & Restoring Urban Green Spaces


Timberland Europe joins “King Baudouin Foundation” under “My PlayGreen” programme.

Dailycsr.com – 20 January 2018 – Timberland is a global brand for “outdoor lifestyle” which has made a “longstanding commitment” of protecting and restoring “the outdoors”, whereby it deals with “backcountry trails” along with various green spaces in the cities like “well-worn” park paths or “community gardens” wherein Timberland employees as well as consumers “live, work, and explore”.
Currently, as many as fifty four percent of global population can be found in the cities, and the same is “expected” to cover sixty six percent by the year of 2050. Europe alone houses fourteen percent of global “urban population, whereby Timberland Europe has put up an aim of supporting “the creation, maintenance and/or improvement of green spaces in five of Europe’s largest cities over five years”.
For this endeavour, Timberland has extended a partnership towards “King Baudouin Foundation” to operate a grant programme under the name of “My PlayGreen”, the latter was recently “awarded grants to 16 projects across Milan” each with a “grant of up to 5000€”. These projects will be improving accessibility “trees and green spaces for 25,000 children of all backgrounds, families and schools”.
Moreover, in a collective manner, the projects are to contribute towards regeneration of “31,000 square meters within the city of Milan”. The EMEA President of Timberland, Timo Schmidt-Eisenhart, said:
“We believe in the power of community groups to turn their neighborhoods green. Therefore, we have chosen to reward small scale projects and those citizens and local charities that work hard to make a difference in their communities. Local groups often lack the seed money to get started, but with small support they can make a huge impact around them.”
The scope of these projects extends from “community gardens in a variety of locations to school backyards and urban regeneration projects” that focuses on “cultural inclusion”. Additionally, the grant has fourteen other London based projects while its radius will reach out to Berlin in the year of 2018, “Paris in 2019 and Barcelona in 2020”.