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Covia's Philanthropic Efforts in 2022: Investing in Communities


At Covia, we are committed to providing high-performance mineral and material solutions and being a catalyst for positive change in the communities where we operate. As an international company, we recognize the importance of investing in the diverse communities we serve.
To uphold this commitment, The Covia Foundation has been investing in social impact for several decades. In 2022, we saw incredible potential and positive change in our communities, as the Covia Foundation distributed $1.18 million to support education, environmental sustainability, social equality, health, and wellness initiatives. We also witnessed a significant increase in the efforts of our team members who dedicated their time and resources to support causes that matter to them.
We empowered our team members to make a difference by introducing the Covia Community Investment Policy, which enables them to make 1:1 matching gifts up to $1,000 per year, earn grant money for the charity of their choice for every 20 hours of volunteer time, and create other opportunities to invest in their passions. In 2022, our team members collectively volunteered for over 10,800 hours, more than double the previous year's volunteer hours. Furthermore, 16 of our team members qualified for the President's Volunteer Service Award, recognizing individuals who contributed 200 or more volunteer hours during the year.
In recognition of our dedication to the communities where we operate, The United Way of Greater Cleveland honored Covia with a Torchbearer Award for the combined efforts of The Covia Foundation and our team members in Geauga County, Ohio.
Our Covia facilities also made significant strides in community outreach efforts in 2022 through our Covia Cares Action Days. Our facilities participated in 30 Action Days, nearly triple the number held in 2021, resulting in more than 1,000 total volunteer hours.
Finally, we are pleased to announce that the Covia Foundation has expanded its philanthropic efforts beyond the US borders. Thanks to a partnership with CAF America, Covia facilities in Canada officially joined the Covia Foundation umbrella in 2022, and facilities in Mexico will follow in 2023.
At Covia, we are proud of our contributions to the communities where we operate, and we look forward to making an even greater impact in the future.