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Corporate Leaders Meet To Take Forward The Project of Creating ‘Georgia International Business Park’


The southeast is about to see the biggest business park ever in that area which will generate employment and attract “international investment”.

Dailycsr.com – 27 March 2018 – The LaGrange City Hall witnessed the presence of some the “biggest businesses” leaders in the country as they came together for discussion in the “creation of what will be the biggest industrial park” in size located in the southeast, while equally big for “employees and investment in the community”.
In the words of Alicia B. Hill:
“There are a hundred manufacturers in Troup County that operate in this park, and we have more Fortune 500 companies operating here than anywhere in the U.S.”
The said park under the name of “Georgia International Business Park” will spread across an area of “10,000 acres of Troup County” during its beginning phase, while creating “thousands of jobs” besides bringing in “$1.5 billion dollars in international investments”.
Some of the companies like “Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia, Interface and Milliken”, who are already operating in the Troup County area, have decided to take on a major role in this “new business park”.