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Consumers Energy Launches ‘PowerMIDrive’ Programme


“Consumers Energy wants to support the charging technology” for electric vehicles which “are ready for the fast lane”, says the president and C.E.O of Consumers Energy.

Dailycsr.com – 31 May 2019 – On May 29, 2019, the Consumers Energy made an announcement to reveal the “multi-year program”, PowerMIDrive’s launch which is going to help the electric vehicle owners in charging their vehicles besides ensuring “the electric grid is prepared” to capitalise on the benefits for its customers.
During the announcement, the President as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Consumers Energy, Patti Poppe was attended by “U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow; U.S. Sen. Gary Peters;  Michigan Public Service Commissioner Norm Saari; Director of Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy Liesl Clark; and representatives from Ford and General Motors”.
In the words of Poppe:
“Electric vehicles are ready for the fast lane, and Consumers Energy wants to support the charging technology for the good of Michigan and our planet. Emission-free vehicles powered by emission-free energy is the aspiration. The PowerMIDrive program aims to increase our charging infrastructure while allowing customers to charge when and where they need to!”
While, Sen. Stabenow added:
“Investing in a strong, reliable charging infrastructure will ensure more Michigan families choose electric. I am leading the bipartisan effort to make it easier for consumers to buy EVs, which will help create jobs and cement Michigan’s status as an advanced manufacturing hub. This is also action we can take right now to reduce emissions and combat carbon pollution.”
And Sen. Peters was quoted saying:
“This program reflects a broader collaboration by everyone to keep Michigan at the forefront of mobility, and this announcement from Consumers Energy will expand opportunities for customers to charge their electric vehicles. As the auto industry begins to deploy self-driving cars, the vast majority of those cars will be electric. On the federal level, I’m going to continue supporting the electric vehicle tax credit and efforts that keep advanced manufacturing jobs in Michigan.”          
The above mentioned programme will be available from June 5, 2019 onwards, while the Consumer Energy enlists the features of its “PowerMIDrive Rebate Program”:
  • RESIDENTIAL – Rebates for residential electric vehicle owners of between $400 to $500 for installing eligible 240-volt chargers at homes across the state.
  • PUBLIC – Rebates for 200 Level 2 vehicle chargers in public places and at workplaces throughout Michigan, with a rebate of up to $5,000 per charger.
  • FAST CHARGERS – Rebates of up to $70,000 for 24 DC fast chargers along highways and travel routes in Michigan, working with statewide entities to ensure a unified network across the state.
The “Michigan Public Service Commission”, in short MPSC, has given its approval to the “$10 million program” that will spread across three years’ span and aims to “help educate the public” so as to hasten the “development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure across Michigan”. Norm Saari, the Commissioner of MPSC, said:
“Effective public policy is developed when you bring diverse groups together in a planning process and come out of the discussions with agreements that transform how electrification will be the future of transportation”.

Consumers Energy has been strongly promoting electric vehicles as it offered its “first special charging rates” almost ten years ago. Furthermore, the company also piloted an “incentive program for home charging stations”. The director at the “Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy”, Liesl Clark said:
“Michigan lives in the future, leading the way in developing electric and autonomous vehicles. The PowerMIDrive program builds the foundation for a world-class, fast-charging network for electric vehicles as our state drives toward a more connected, sustainable future”.
On the other hand, the General Motors’ “Director of Advanced Vehicle Commercialization Policy”, Britta Gross said:
“The PowerMIDrive program is a major step forward for EV infrastructure in Michigan.  General Motors congratulates the leadership demonstrated by Consumers Energy and all the engaged EV stakeholders across the state who helped shape this program. EV drivers will soon see a compelling network of EV charging stations across Michigan that will make driving an electric vehicle more convenient than ever before!”
In addition, the director of “Ford Government and Stakeholder Relations”, Matthew Godlewski said:
“The PowerMIDrive program complements Ford’s ongoing work to build an electrified vehicle portfolio with iconic models our customers know and love. Ford is investing more than $11 billion to get electrified vehicles on the road even faster. We’re committed to providing our customers with a variety of plug-in hybrid and fully electrified vehicles, which is why we applaud Consumers Energy and our government partners for their efforts to make charging stations more accessible and more affordable.”