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Consumer Energy’s ‘Natural Gas Pipeline Project’ Restores Pollinator Habitats


Leaving the ecosystem better than it was found.

Dailycsr.com – 30 June 2018 – As an “environmental inspector” with a career experience of twenty eight years on the same field, Tom Hess has been associated with many companies.
Hess observed that in many situations he came across clients who “tolerate his environmental recommendations, or do only what’s required”, while pressure often acts as the driver. As a result, Hess was uncertain as to what would come his way when he gave a proposal to spend “extra money” in the restoration efforts of “construction areas on a major natural gas pipeline project for Michigan-based Consumers Energy”.
His suggestion was to use a mix of seeds that contained “native grasses and wildflowers” as a way to lure in butterflies, bees and other pollinators facing habitat loss. It is was a pleasant surprise for Hess to see Saginaw Trail Pipeline’s Project Managers took his suggestions “enthusiastically” and carried out the request.
Hess is a contractor based out of Minneapolis and works “daily on the pipeline right-of-way”. In his words:
“I don’t know of another company that would have approved that, and it speaks volumes. Consumers Energy is a company that thinks globally and is taking efforts to make a difference in its corner of the world.”
However, the above mentioned incident is just one of the many examples of Saginaw Trail Pipeline’s way of “exceeding environmental requirements”. The said project is a “four-phase effort” that aims to take over the “78 miles of aging natural gas transmission pipeline in Saginaw, Genesee and Oakland counties”. Over an area of ninety three acres, beneath which lies the newly buried pipelines, wetland and wild expanses welcomed various pollinators like butterflies and bees and offered them new habitats. Lindsey Johnson is the Environmental Engineer for the said project, who remarked:
“This is a great opportunity to have a positive impact on the whole ecosystem and leave it better than we found it”.
Consumer Energy has taken up a five year goal of enhancing, restoring and protecting “5,000 acres of land in Michigan”, while the above mentioned restoration work comes under the same. Furthermore, Consumers Energy added:
“The company’s commitment to environmental sustainability doesn’t stop there. The energy provider just released its Clean Energy Plan to stop using coal to generate electricity and increase its renewable energy to over 40 percent by 2040”.