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Collaboration for Shared Value: Empowering Communities and Creating Lasting Impacts


Introducing Brazil: The Sporting Host with an Ambitious Vision
In 2007, the world eagerly turned its attention to Brazil as it proudly accepted the honor of hosting the highly anticipated 2014 World Cup. Riding the wave of its remarkable growth, with a population nearing 200 million and a doubled GDP since 2000, Brazil was ready to shine on the global stage. But there was more to come. Just two years later, the nation accomplished another groundbreaking feat by securing the prestigious 2016 Olympics, becoming the first South American country to welcome the games. With these monumental sporting events on the horizon, Brazil's urban mobility challenges demanded immediate attention.
Recognizing the unprecedented opportunities that lay ahead, host cities across Brazil saw the urgent need to invest in building robust transportation infrastructure. The goal was clear: to provide seamless mobility access for all citizens and visitors alike. Enter Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), a revolutionary public transportation system that first emerged in the sustainability-driven city of Curitiba, Brazil. Today, BRT systems have become the epitome of speed, comfort, and cost-effectiveness for cities worldwide. What's more, they can be implemented in a fraction of the time and with less than half the budget required for rail-based solutions.
In Rio de Janeiro, the Olympic host city, the rapid expansion of BRT proved to be a game-changer. Not only did it facilitate the seamless transportation needed for the grand event, but it also left a lasting legacy of invaluable infrastructure for the city's residents. Across Brazil, the impact of the World Cup echoed with varying degrees of significance, with host cities witnessing similar transformative effects.
Yet, the road to success was far from simple. Within Brazilian communities, public transit systems operated independently, each with its own unique quirks. From the selection of buses to rider communications, from leveraging technology for improved reliability, service, and convenience, every aspect had its own distinct flavor. Unfortunately, feedback from riders and government entities lacked concrete actions for agencies to enhance their services, leaving them in a state of anecdotal uncertainty.
Similar to the transit agencies, FedEx faced a parallel challenge in Brazil. How could they elevate the quality of their services across multiple systems and establish a unified language and toolkit for improvement? Out of this necessity, Quality Driven Management (QDM) was born – the FedEx process dedicated to enhancing quality across the entire enterprise.
Brazil, the visionary sporting host, embarked on a remarkable journey of urban transformation. As it harnessed the power of BRT and pioneered groundbreaking strategies, the nation cemented its status as a beacon of progress. And just as FedEx took on the challenge of unifying service excellence, Brazil embraced the pursuit of mobility for all, leaving an indelible mark on its cities and the world at large.

“QDM will give us common ways to improve quality across our entire enterprise. For the first time, we will all use the same language, tools, and metrics to analyze the causes of problems and plan corrective actions. QDM is the way FedEx will manage our business to drive quality and brand loyalty to new heights,” said FedEx Founder & Chairman, Fred Smith
Revolutionizing Urban Mobility: A Collaborative Journey
In the year 2012, a groundbreaking partnership unfolded between WRI (World Resources Institute) and FedEx, setting the stage for an innovative initiative known as the "Fellows" program. With the imminent World Cup just two years away, the program aimed to identify talented professionals within WRI's transportation group, eager to harness the wealth of expertise possessed by FedEx. The focus? Unleashing the power of customer service, operational efficiencies, marketing prowess, driver safety, vehicle maintenance, and the acquisition of more fuel-efficient vehicles. Together, they sought to reshape the future of transportation.
Six exceptional individuals emerged as the inaugural WRI Fellows, embarking on a transformative journey that took them to the heart of Memphis HQ. There, they immersed themselves in a week-long training program, led by esteemed executives from the renowned shipping company. This unprecedented collaboration would forever shape their careers and ignite a passion for reimagining urban mobility.
Among the talented Fellows that year stood Cristina Albuquerque, now the esteemed Manager of Urban Mobility for WRI's Ross Center for Sustainable Cities in Brazil. With her profound understanding of the principles and processes of Quality Driven Management (QDM), Cristina recognized a remarkable opportunity. She saw how these very principles could be applied to tackle the pressing challenges faced by bus transit systems, elevating the quality of their services in a methodical and scalable manner. A game-changing methodology that could unite agencies across the nation under a common language of excellence.
The seeds of change were sown in 2012 with the birth of QualiOnibus. Initially, seven visionary Brazilian cities joined forces, united by a shared goal: to create a framework akin to QDM for all bus transit agencies throughout Brazil. Within a remarkably short span of one year, WRI had developed a comprehensive toolkit, empowering agencies with the means to drive consistent service improvement processes. Today, the organization stands tall, having revolutionized the customer experience, unveiled operational and safety enhancements, and unearthed best practices from diverse cities across the country. But their mission didn't stop there.
QualiOnibus has become more than just a catalyst for change; it has evolved into an ever-evolving platform for learning, knowledge sharing, and professional development. As its impact continues to reverberate throughout the industry, it has not only elevated the quality of bus transit but also fostered a powerful sense of collaboration among agencies. Together, they are forging a brighter future, where urban mobility knows no bounds and excellence knows no limitations.
QualiOnibus: Revolutionizing Brazilian Bus Transit, One Agency at a Time!
Prepare to be amazed as QualiOnibus takes the stage, now boasting an impressive roster of 30 esteemed Brazilian bus-transit agencies eagerly awaiting their turn to join the movement! With diverse systems, routes, and service demands, these agencies have found common ground as they embark on an unwavering journey toward elevating bus transit standards.
Quality is the name of the game, and QualiOnibus is leading the charge by focusing on key factors that truly matter to passengers. Picture this: seamless reliability that ensures you board your bus and reach your destination right on schedule. Experience effortless access, where transit becomes easily accessible, allowing you to navigate stations with ease.

Embrace the luxury of saving precious time, as bus travel proves to be a quicker and more efficient alternative to being stuck behind the wheel. Indulge in ultimate comfort, with well-equipped bus stops featuring cozy waiting areas, and meticulously planned schedules to prevent overcrowding. Above all, revel in a sense of safety and security, as bus stops are brilliantly illuminated, and riders find solace within the transit system's protective embrace. And let's not forget the power of information – be it user-friendly maps, effective communication channels, or comprehensive wayfinding tools – all meticulously designed to help you navigate the system with confidence.
But QualiOnibus's impact goes far beyond improving transit for Brazilians. It serves as a shining example of how collaboration between industry leaders, like FedEx, and influential groups like WRI, can bring about remarkable change. Together, they champion investment and pave the way for positive social, financial, and environmental impacts in the dynamic landscape of burgeoning global cities.
QualiOnibus has arrived, and it's here to reshape your bus transit experience. Brace yourself for a future where excellence is the norm, and passenger satisfaction reigns supreme. Get ready to embark on a journey that combines efficiency, comfort, and safety, all while making a profound difference in the world we live in. QualiOnibus is transforming the way you move, one agency at a time.
“The collaboration with FedEx over the past ten years has continued to deliver value for WRI and the bus transit agencies we support,” shares Cristina Albuquerque of WRI. “We greatly appreciate the company’s willingness to share their resources and best practices to improve transportation in our most congested cities.” In the end, less people in cars results in less cars on the road, reducing the amount of time commuters (and delivery drivers) must waste in traffic.
Unleashing the Power of Collaboration: Creating Shared Value for a Better Tomorrow
When the forces of companies, NGOs, and communities unite, remarkable things happen. We transcend mere transactions and venture into the realm of shared value creation – a realm where both FedEx's esteemed shareowners and the cherished stakeholders in the communities we serve find common ground. We are humbled by the incredible collaboration with WRI (World Resources Institute), and our hearts are filled with anticipation as we embark on a journey that holds immense promise for the next decade.
At FedEx, we understand that true success extends beyond the bottom line. It's about making a meaningful impact, transforming lives, and leaving a lasting legacy. That's why we cherish the opportunity to join forces with organizations like WRI, whose unwavering dedication to positive change mirrors our own.
Together, we aim to break boundaries, overcome challenges, and create shared value that resonates far beyond the walls of our company. It's a powerful synergy, where the diverse expertise, resources, and perspectives of all involved converge to bring forth transformative solutions. By working hand in hand with communities, we unleash the full potential of collaboration, delivering profound impacts that uplift and empower.
As we reflect upon our journey thus far, we are grateful for the strides we have made together. But we also recognize that this is just the beginning. The next decade holds immense promise, brimming with possibilities for even greater achievements. With steadfast determination and a shared vision of a better tomorrow, we eagerly anticipate the remarkable milestones we will reach alongside WRI.
Together, we will forge new paths, innovate relentlessly, and pioneer initiatives that leave an indelible mark on society. Together, we will create shared value that transcends mere business objectives, touching the lives of individuals, families, and communities around the world.
The stage is set for a future where collaboration reigns supreme, and shared value is the currency of change. Let us join hands, open our hearts, and embark on this extraordinary journey together. The best is yet to come, and together, we will shape a brighter, more inclusive, and prosperous world for all.