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Coalition for Gender Fair Procurement to hold virtual event to advance gender equity


The virtual event is scheduled to be held on November 2.

Coalition for Gender Fair Procurement to hold virtual event to advance gender equity
The Coalition for Gender Fair Procurement was formed by like-minded organizations Logitech, Andela, and Zoetis to advance gender equity by leveraging the untapped power of trillions of dollars in corporate procurement. On November 2, 2022,

The Coalition for Gender Fair Procurement will host "Procurement for Equality," a global virtual event for procurement leaders, Chief Diversity Officers, and anyone looking to make an impact within and beyond their company.

Gender equity has stalled in recent years, and it is time for bold action, not just by consumers, but also by corporations whose purchasing power and influence exceeds that of consumers.

“Becoming a Gender Fair company helps remove biases and establishes common metrics to drive positive momentum towards gender equality. There are trillions of dollars of spending power embedded within suppliers and by activating gender fairness across more companies we can move the whole world,” said  Bracken Darrell, Logitech’s president and CEO.

Focused on action, the Coalition invites any organisation to join this effort by assessing themselves on gender, requesting that their suppliers do the same, and becoming a member of Gender Fair (if eligible) to broaden their commitment.

“Zoetis is thrilled to be part of the Coalition for Gender Fair Procurement, as an important way to encourage our suppliers to focus on gender equity in their organizations. We believe our supply chain provides significant opportunity to extend our diversity aspirations – which can lead to greater innovation and in turn, a better world for our colleagues, our customers, and the communities in which we work,” said Evelyn Ortiz, Chief Talent, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer at Zoetis.

To join the Coalition, members agree to request gender reporting from suppliers, just as they do for compliance or cybersecurity.

Gender Fair developed a significant new standard for gender reporting based on the UN Women Empowerment Principles, which rates the country's largest employers and provides a self-assessment tool for businesses.
Other coalition members include BT Sourced and Open Comp, as well as major procurement organisations such as SIG and Globality, which are incorporating gender ratings into their platforms. The reporting tool was created by Ethisphere, a supporter.

“When more progressive procurement leaders link arms with coalitions like ours to make their spend count, we know we can get to gender equity faster,” said Johanna Zeilstra, CEO of Gender Fair.

Speakers include David Latten (Head of Global Indirect Procurement at Logitech), Mary Ann Sieghart (author of the "Authority Gap"), Julia Gillard (Former Prime Minister of Australia), Carly Lehner (Senior Director of Revenue Operations & Enablement at Andela), James Nguyen (Global Head of Indirect Procurement at Zoetis), Dawn Tiura (CEO & President of SIG), Clive Govender (Founder (Founder of Gender Fair).

For more information about Gender Fair do get in touch vide mail press@genderfair.com