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Climate Commitments Hub: Benchmarking and Enhancing Climate Performance in Agriculture


The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture, known as Field to Market, has recently published its annual update to the Climate Commitments Hub. This update showcases the specific and ambitious pledges made by its members, indicating an increase in climate commitments across various sectors of Field to Market’s membership, which includes affiliate, agribusiness, brands & retail, civil society, and grower.
The update features climate pledges from 126 member organizations of Field to Market, marking an increase from the 117 commitments documented last year.
This update is released in conjunction with Climate Week, a worldwide event where organizations from around the globe convene to acknowledge their accomplishments in climate action and explore new opportunities for further advancement.
The Climate Commitments Hub by Field to Market emphasizes that organizations across the agricultural value chain are becoming more aware of climate change and are prepared to contribute to lasting change.
“We are proud to see our members setting targeted and aspirational public climate goals and commitments to address climate change,” said Field to Market President Scott Herndon while adding, “We must continue to find ways to collaborate to reach our shared goals, as no one organization can solve this challenge alone. We must work together to accelerate climate action in our agricultural value chain.”
By consolidating commitments into this platform, Field to Market empowers companies and organizations in the agriculture sector to compare their ambition with their peers, enhance their climate performance, encourage collaboration before competition, stimulate further research where necessary, and ensure transparency and accountability for these goals. It also offers the public a chance to examine climate commitments by sector, delving into the progress organizations have achieved and what remains to be accomplished.
Field to Market’s Climate Commitments Hub will maintain regular updates, with a report to be issued every two years to reflect the current status of the industry’s commitments and advancements.