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Cherishing ‘One Tiny Delivery At A Time’


UPS began a new tradition by recognising its tiny friends all over the world and strengthening the bond with them.

Dailycsr.com – 03 January 2017 – It was about two years ago when UPS caught up with Carson, although a “little boy” in age but he harboured within him a “larger-than-life fascination” for UPS, while sharing a “special connection” with Mr. Ernie, his driver.
UPS expressed its appreciation towards Carson and Mr. Ernie’s friendship by giving the former a surprise gift of “tiny package car” for Carson to “deliver packages in his neighborhood, just like his role model”.
UPS informs that such ‘meaningful relationships’ are seen in other part of the world. Likewise, UPS made an effort to “surprise even more deserving children across the globe” starting “from California to Germany” and brought to some of the “smallest” fans of UPS “once-in-a-lifetime deliveries”.
In the above mentioned endeavour, UPS caught up with four old Jayden, whereby his mom, Michelle Euler, said:
“Last year, for Halloween, he wore a UPS costume. You know, Superman wears a uniform, Batman wears a uniform and [UPS driver] Mr. Paul wears a uniform. Because that’s who he wants to be.”
As a result, Jayden dressed in his Halloween UPS uniform, would greet his hero, Mr. Paul, wherever the latter came to “make deliveries” at Jayden’s house. Seeing “it was only fitting”, Jayden’s surprise was revealed by Mr. Paul who lifted open the former’s tiny truck’s hatch. After receiving, his gift, Jayden spent an entire afternoon, riding beside Mr. Paul and “making deliveries”, whereby learning on the job from “his real-life hero”.
Before the customers, Shelly Perez-Dickson represents the “face of UPS”, whereas the GiGi Playhouse’s kids finds in her “a beloved teacher and a close friend”. The said Playhouse is located in Iowa’s Des Moines and is a “Down syndrome achievement” centre.
It has been several years for Shelly volunteering at the GiGi’a Plauhouse, wherein she fosters “life-defining relationships” with the children diagnosed with Down syndrome.  UPS recognised Shelly’s contribution and encouraged the same for making a “positive impact”, whereby Shelly adds:
“[UPS] has allowed me to be able to help other people. And they celebrate that.”
In an attempt to reward Shelly’s “selfless commitment” and not to forget strong devotion, UPS gave a surprise to GiGi’s Playhouse kids in the form of “a tiny truck” which would help in the development process of these kids and “add a little more fun to the teaching process for years to come”. In the words of Jessica Lane, the programme director at GiGi’s Playhouse:
“I knew we would be able to use [the tiny truck] here at the playhouse. Not just for fun, but a purpose behind the play.”
Lastly, UPS talked about expanding its “its tradition of delivering tiny trucks around the world”, marking a first time effort of its kind. On the whole, UPS “manufactured and shipped” all over the world more than twenty trucks to “achievement centers, schools and hospitals” as a surprise to “hundreds of deserving children in the US, Canada, UK, Mexico and Germany”. While, UPS writes:
“We discovered that, even though delivering big brown boxes is what we do, the relationships we form with even our tiniest fans are why we do it. These special connections aren’t confined by a border, but are universal and we will continue to cherish them one (tiny) delivery at a time”.