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Chemours makes unwavering progress to sustainable goals


Chemours has been committed to sustainable products and solutions since its inception. We announced our sustainability goals, known as our Corporate Responsibility Commitment (CRC), in 2018, with ten ambitious goals aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), which we hope to achieve by 2030.

These objectives serve as a blueprint for all Chemours locations worldwide as we work to advance our sustainable portfolio, reduce our environmental impact, invest in our communities, ensure workplace safety excellence, and foster an inclusive and diverse workforce.

We've made significant progress on some goals but still have a long way to go on others. But our dedication is unwavering. These objectives represent a global business imperative for us and are a reflection of the culture, values, and ethics that we uphold as an organization.

They are also an extension of our core strategy for meeting society's essential needs in a changing, environmentally conscious world that demands and expects more today and tomorrow. Through sustainable solutions and responsible manufacturing, we will be able to better serve and lead the industries in which we operate.

Our manufacturing sites and offices in Europe, as part of a global company of 6,400 employees serving customers worldwide, play an important role in advancing our CRC goals. Our European presence supports all aspects of our business and is involved in exciting projects such as the Remove2Reclaim research initiative to advance plastic circularity, as well as sponsoring a bee hive that houses a swarm of 20,000 bees vital to local agriculture.

Our facilities also produce products critical to the hydrogen economy, medical equipment, and 5G data transmission, as well as achieving the European Green Deal goals.

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