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Chemours at COP28: Accelerating Sustainable Transition through Chemistry


Chemours at COP28: Accelerating Sustainable Transition through Chemistry
Mark Newman, the CEO of Chemours, and Amber Wellman, the Chief Sustainability Officer, recently attended COP28. They engaged with global business leaders who are collectively striving to expedite the shift towards sustainability.

At the summit, Mark and Amber were active participants in various discussions, panels, meetings, and workshops. The topics ranged from overarching themes like “Building a Low-Carbon Future” to more specific subjects such as “The Circular Economy’s Role in Climate Progress.” These discussions occurred concurrently with the official climate negotiations, influencing those dialogues and discussions.

Chemours’ key takeaway from the summit was the indispensable role of their chemistry in fostering a more sustainable planet, and their commitment to responsible production.

Mark emphasized the importance of aligning major policy goals like the EU Green Deal or the U.S.'s Inflation Reduction Act with appropriate incentives and science-backed regulations. This alignment would enable the private sector to spearhead the innovation and implementation of technology necessary to tackle the climate crisis.

Amber participated in several events and workshops organized by The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. She seized these opportunities to underscore Chemours’ commitment to responsible manufacturing and to discuss their sustainable products with media and CSOs from leading global companies.

COP28 witnessed an unprecedented level of business participation. Companies like Chemours recognize the importance of engaging in forums like COP28 to establish new partnerships that will contribute to a more sustainable future for their company, their customers, their communities, and the planet.

Key insights from Chemours’ CEO and CSO include the recognition of the critical role their chemistry plays in addressing climate change. They believe that much of the technology required to expedite the energy transition and decarbonize the economy is deeply rooted in material science and chemistry.

A recurring theme in their conversations at COP was the need for increased collaboration and unity between industry and government. They stressed that major policy goals like the EU Green Deal or the U.S.’s Inflation Reduction Act need to be aligned with the right incentives and science-based regulations. This alignment would empower the private sector to drive the innovation and implementation of technology necessary to address the climate crisis.

I’ve been really encouraged by my conversations at COP28 and the enthusiasm I’ve seen for strengthening public-private partnerships. That’s why it’s so important that companies like Chemours are here—so we can work together with all stakeholders to build a brighter future,” said Mark Newman, President & CEO, Chemours.

I'm thrilled to have represented Chemours at COP28 as each day was full of meaningful discussions and valuable insights on global climate action. I was encouraged to engage with leaders representing different industries and governments from across the world, and participate in conversations with CSOs from companies of all sizes and sectors. This is a global challenge, and we must work together and share best practices to keep 1.5 alive!

But conversations alone won’t cut it. We need the progress made at COP28 to be a catalyst for meaningful action and stronger public-private partnerships. Fortunately, I truly believe that we have the tools, resources, and know-how we need to solve these challenges—now it’s time to put them into action.

I left COP feeling a greater sense of urgency about the climate, but also energized about the opportunities I see for Chemours to be part of the solution. I’m so proud to lead the sustainability efforts at a company that recognizes that what’s good for the planet is good for business. Our sustainable offerings are helping transform the economy, accelerate the energy transition, and help nations across the world meet their climate goals. As a science-based company, we’re also driven by our commitment to responsible manufacturing of our critical chemistries — a commitment that we are delivering on every single day,” said Dr. Amber Wellman, Chief Sustainability Officer, Chemours.