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Chemours Employees Make a Difference: Community Impact Highlights from Texas to Delaware


At the conclusion of 2023, Chemours organized its inaugural Community Impact Month, dedicated to contributing and actively participating in the communities surrounding its global facilities. This marked an exciting expansion of the company's commitment to community engagement, as employees worldwide enthusiastically joined forces to support their Chemours neighbors in distinctive and valuable ways.
Altamira, Mexico
Employees at the Chemours Altamira plant site engaged in the CZECH 2023 simulated safety drill at the end of the year. The drill required teams to collaborate with the local community, including a school, daycare, and emergency responders, to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Concurrently, Altamira employees partnered with Tecnológico Nacional de México TecNM during the same month to contribute to the development of the next generation of environmental and chemical engineers. They spent a day visiting a rural area near the site in Tamaulipas, witnessing a biodigester that transforms waste into renewable energy and organic fertilizer.
Deepwater, New Jersey, USA
The Chambers Works site in New Jersey teamed up with Salem County Community College (SCCC) to participate in Ag Day at the Salem County Fairgrounds near the plant. Engaging with over 300 seventh and eighth-grade students from nine nearby schools, employees discussed Chemours, its local operations, applications in agriculture, and more. This event was part of Chemours' ongoing Vibrant Communities grant with SCCC Partners in Education, aiming to promote countywide science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education.
In China, employees organized the seventh annual Chemours Magical Science Camp, a public science program designed to inspire children aged nine to 13 to explore the fascinating world of science. With more than 980 participants from over 28 provinces and cities, and an online live stream that reached nearly 3,500 cumulative viewers across various platforms, the Chemours Magical Science Camp has become a local favorite among students and science teachers alike.
Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
At the Chemours Corpus Christi site, employee resource groups (ERGs) made a positive impact on the community through various initiatives. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Chemours Women’s Network in the locality contributed over $5,000 to the American Cancer Society and its Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, securing the Chemours team a second-place finish. Additionally, the site welcomed over 20 sixth to eighth-grade girls from Leon Taylor Junior High for a plant tour, providing insights into the diverse STEM career paths available at Chemours. The Corpus Christi Veteran’s Network (VetNet) ERG actively participated in supporting military veterans through events like Smoke On the Water, a BBQ competition benefiting veterans, first responders, and their families, as well as VetFest 5K, a virtual walk/run to raise funds for Stop Soldier Suicide, an organization combatting veteran suicide.
DeLisle, Mississippi, USA
Employees at the DeLisle site contributed to the community through various impactful events. During two different career fairs—Hancock High School Career Fair and Bay High Career Fair—Chemours volunteers engaged with students, discussing career opportunities in operations, maintenance, and engineering. Furthermore, employees took part in the Renew Your River program, an award-winning campaign dedicated to cleaning up rivers, lakes, and creeks in Southeast Mississippi, resulting in the removal of significant amounts of debris and trash from waterways.
El Dorado, Arkansas, USA
Chemours employees at the El Dorado site volunteered their time at the South Arkansas Developmental Center for Children and Families (SADCCF), which offers day programs for individuals with developmental disabilities. The team contributed by cleaning and mulching the playground area for infants and toddlers, spending quality time with the children, and constructing a much-needed walkway to facilitate the movement of wheelchairs and strollers to the gazebo play area.
Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA
At the Fayetteville Works site, employees collaborated with the local Chemours Black Employee Network and Chemours Native American Employee Network to donate 50 books authored by Black, Brown, and Native American writers to Connections of Cumberland County. This local walk-in day resource center serves single women and women with children who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The organization expressed gratitude for the book donation, incorporating them into its library and distributing some as gifts to the sponsored children.
La Porte, Texas, USA
Chemours employees in La Porte actively supported their local community in two impactful ways. Firstly, the Chemours Women's Network chapter at the site organized a Breast Cancer Awareness Month event, commemorating survivorship and paying tribute to those who lost their battle with the disease through an educational session and a walk. Concurrently, several employees visited Alief Middle School, a ChemFEST partner school, to educate eighth graders on acids and bases in chemistry. More than 400 students participated in activities such as testing the pH of various solutions with litmus paper, engaging in a Kahoot! game on the periodic table, and seeking insights from Chemours employees about their professions.
Monterrey, Mexico
Employees from Chemours Monterrey site collaborated with the General Services department of Apodaca City to refurbish the Antonio Vivaldi kindergarten. Their efforts included painting playground equipment and rooms throughout the campus, replacing damaged classroom locks and light bulbs, and cleaning green areas. Thanks to their dedication, over 400 students now have an improved environment for their studies.
Johnsonville, Tennessee, USA
Chemours New Johnsonville employees actively engaged in diverse activities to benefit both the natural areas surrounding the site—the Tennessee River and Johnsonville State Park. As an additional fun and charitable initiative, employees had the option to "flock" someone's yard with flamingos, with the proceeds directed to the American Cancer Association. Furthermore, employees knitted and donated over 100 scarves for those in need, initiated a coat drive for nearby students, delivered safety Halloween bags to local schools, and participated in a high school career fair.
Offerman, Georgia, USA
The Chemours Offerman Mineral Sands plant welcomed over 250 eighth-grade students from Pierce County Middle School as part of their physical science curriculum. Students had the opportunity for hands-on learning about heavy mineral mining and processing, as well as gaining insights into heavy equipment safety and water treatment processes.
Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA
Chemours strengthened its collaboration with Discovery World on Market by launching its first quarterly Science Saturdays with local youth. Employees led entertaining science experiments for budding STEM enthusiasts, including the creation of Alginate Worms, showcasing the simplicity of making certain polymers.
Greater Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Employees from the Greater Wilmington area, encompassing team members from the Chambers Works site, Wilmington Office Building (global HQ), and the Chemours Discovery Hub (research and development center), joined forces for the company's annual United Way Campaign. Their collective goal was to raise $350,000 in donations and contribute 1,000 volunteer hours. Ultimately, the commitment and generosity of the employees resulted in Chemours donating more than $460,000, along with over 1,470 hours volunteered.