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Celebrating Honduran Women's Day, and Lunar New Year at Southwire


Southwire has actively acknowledged significant events such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Black History Month, and Women's History Month by organizing various initiatives throughout the company. These endeavors have provided team members with valuable resources and opportunities to engage and expand their knowledge on these subjects.
Within the organization, more than 30 TEAM Champions stationed at different facilities have played a pivotal role in driving diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. These dedicated individuals possess the necessary tools to influence and lead positive changes within their respective local sites and facilities.
During January, we commemorated Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, January 16th, as a means of honoring the remarkable life and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a prominent figure in the American civil rights movement.
In observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, facilities throughout the organization paid tribute to his legacy in various ways. This included donning attire that symbolized the significance of the holiday, creating "quote walls" where team members could share their favorite and most inspiring MLK quotes, engaging in company-wide book club discussions centered around his book "Where Do We Go From Here: Community or Chaos," participating in local parades, and actively participating in community service activities.
“Our facility is very dedicated to celebrating many different events and holidays as we have a wide range of cultures and backgrounds that are a big part of our team,” said Albany Turner, TEAM champion in Youngsville and sales support specialist.
“We look at Martin Luther King Jr. as a role model as we try to build a loving and inclusive environment for all team members.”
During the month of February, Southwire facilities united to pay tribute to Black History Month, recognizing and honoring the noteworthy contributions, accomplishments, and experiences of African Americans throughout history. These facilities organized a range of activities and learning opportunities, allowing team members to actively engage and participate.
“During Black History Month, the Waukegan Plant focused on educating our workforce on the importance of this month and celebrated by passing out goodie bags, stickers and bookmarks with famous black inventors on them,” said Allison O’Connell, People & Culture specialist.
“Our focus was to educate our team members about the significance of the month by having conversations designed for them to learn something new and impactful.”
In the month of March, Southwire embraced the celebration of Women's History Month, a dedicated period that commemorates and acknowledges the invaluable contributions of women to history, culture, and society worldwide. During this time, the company united to honor and appreciate the significant role women hold within our workforce.
“To celebrate Women’s History Month, MSG and General Services displayed different women that have contributed to our country on our display board and passed out flyers,” said Barbara Armstrong, EHS specialist and TEAM Champion.
“I think it is important to show that women have made a major contribution to the workforce and are continuing to break barriers every day."
Additionally, Southwire organized a Fireside Chat focused on the subject of women in manufacturing, featuring Ruth Shaw, a former member of Southwire's Board of Directors. Shaw shared her personal experiences as a prominent woman in the manufacturing field and offered her insights on the future of gender diversity within the industry.
“As we look to the future, I hope that we come to have a respect for each other as human beings and a recognition that we all do better together,” said Shaw. “I believe we will continue to see more progress toward a more inclusive workplace.”
Apart from these significant initiatives, Southwire facilities also observed and celebrated various occasions including Honduran Women's Day, Lunar New Year, Wear Red Day, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and recognized the winners of its Super Bowl Contest.
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