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Caterpillar’s Sustainable Story


Hear from the management of Caterpillar, the company’s story behind its success.

Dailycsr.com – 12 September 2016 – The leaders of Caterpillar, talked about their experience at Caterpillar Enterprise System Group and how the company puts its customers’ interest at the foreground, whereby Caterpillar’s Energy and Transportation’s Group President, Jim Umpleby, said:
 “During the last ninety years, Caterpillar employees and dealers, they’ve really been focussed on ensuring that our customers are successful. And that’s why we have been successful. Today, as we move forward, we are more focussed than ever on really ensuring that we are focussed on our customers’ success.”
When it comes to technology, innovation and data, Caterpillar has been associating in their operations to improve itself, while the Group President, Construction Industries at Caterpillar, Tom Pellette, informed:
“A lot of technology and data associated with technology that we have in the market today, that we are adding values to our customers’ businesses… Um… things like 3D, grade control, product monitoring, grade with assist, in terms of productivity improvements. How you take that technology and seamlessly use it to add value and make your customers more successful will be the key to who wins and who loses.”
Efficiency at Caterpillar is achieved through flexibility and agility, as the Senior Vice President of Caterpillar, Dave Bozeman, stated:
“We have to drive more flexibility and more agility in our raw processes. The work would go on in the Caterpillar Enterprise System Group would help us do that as we take our complexity, as drive for more simplification of our products, as we understand our customers and start with their requirements. This will allow us to be more flexible and agile as the market shift”
While, giving a glimpse into Caterpillar’s investment approach, Construction Industries’ Group President at Caterpillar, Tom Pellette, added:
“So we are investing in new product developments, making our engines and gas turbines more efficient. We are also investing in digital technologies again to allow our customers to maximise production, reduce downtime and increase efficiency.”
According to Caterpillar’s Resource Industries’ Group President, Ed Rapp, Caterpillar also has match its customers’ expectations and demand, for in his words:
“That customer base is very demanding. They are demanding in terms of up-productivity of the equipment, the up-time of the equipment. There are expectations in terms of the lowest total owning and operating cost. But I think the higher their demands, the better it plays to our business model between the products that we develop, they quality it has, the dealer support network that we have in place. I think it puts us in a position to win in those industry.”
Furthermore, in the competitive market, there are others who try to imitate the model of Caterpillar. The Customer and Dealer Support’s Group President at Caterpillar, Rob Charter, said:
“And a lot of people and competition try to emulate our relationship with their dealers. They can’t quite get the hold of it. It really is unique relationship and it really drives differentiation for Caterpillar.”
Caterpillar’s success cannot be complete without the people working at Caterpillar and their dedication towards their job. In the words of the Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, Law and Public Policy at Caterpillar, Jim Buda:
“All of our folks that walk around and go to our facilities every single day around the world are preaching, taking care of each other, watching each other’s back, making sure that people can go home and be safe. Our safety record has never been better.”
While, the Group President, Customer and Dealer Support, at Caterpillar, Rob Charter, added:
“They’ve lit a lot of lives around the world, and I’m always astounded by the passion and the ways that the people display it. And they really love what they do and they really care for their customers and industries they serve.”
Disclosing the future approach of Caterpillar, the Group President and CFO of Corporate Services and Financial Products at Caterpillar, Brad Halverson, said:
“If we are really going to reinforce how we want to manage the company, we want to manage it through an opaque lens and in simplest terms, we look at each one of our businesses, we look where the industry opportunity is, and how well our products are aligned, how well our support services are aligned, and we are going to make sure that we are focusing on the right things that will create the highest opaque roof.”
According to Ed Rapp:
“I think sustaining yourself as a company – it’s not the biggest or strongest that survive, it’s those that adapt. Those that change their business to address changing economic environments but also to changing customer requirements. If you look at customers today, you know they are demanding higher levels of productivity and we are addressing that with the products that we are developing.”