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Carver & Volunteers Clean Up The Environment


Sometimes a simple act of collecting garbage from the road can add to the environmental benefit.

Dailycsr.com – 21 June 2016 – Abbe Carver founded the “Cruceño Cleanup” organisation, whereby becoming “an inspiration, community activist and grassroots organizer” to look up to. The organisation of Carver brings together “ad-hoc group of volunteers” who go around the area of “Las Cruces, New Mexico” picking up trash minimum on a weekly basis.
Carver began the work of “collecting litter” at a “young age”, when she went around with her mother for a walk in “city streets, open spaces and hiking trails”. For Abbey, her volunteering service to the society is “fun and fulfilling”, although little did she think that many other helping hands would join her happily in her self-less endeavour. Probably, her “infectious” “enthusiasm and attitude” did the trick.
Carver has organised a weekly cleaning up schedule for the last two years, wherein many other “dedicated volunteers” have followed her footsteps. Moreover, she has taken her enthusiasm to social media through which Carver communicates and keeps the society motivated.
“Abbey Carver is one of the more than 5 million Keep America Beautiful volunteers who annually help keep their communities clean, green and more beautiful places to live”.