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Cartoon Water Droplet Characters Recount The Stories Of Water At The Mines


Goldcorp celebrates water day by creatively educating the people.

Dailycsr.com – 29 May 2018 – Goldcorp celebrated this year’s water day in a creative manner, whereby introducing the readers with “a story about water”.
Under the title of “Days of Our Droplets”, the journey of water right from its start to its destination into a mining site is gathered in explanatory anecdotes. These contain a story with a glimpse into some of the incident of “poor water management” issues leading to “unfortunate potential consequences”. These stories could have made rounds in the news for sometimes.
These stories are followed up by the example of what the combination of “good water stewardship” and innovation can do to save water with the help of technology, which also offers solutions to various industrial water problems.
The water animation characters facilitate communication with the company’s stakeholders in a fun interaction that is easily understood and educates the audience about “the different types of water found at mine sites”. In fact, the “quite complex” topic of “how the water moves throughout a mine” is also touched upon.
These stories are the medium of communication for Goldcorp, as the company faces “some of the water management risks” in their mines.
The above mentioned story videos, are available on YouTube.