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Carol Baroudi Invites For ‘Sustainatopia Conference’


Sustainable businesses may also have cracks on their corporate armour.

Carol Baroudi Invites For ‘Sustainatopia Conference’
Dailycsr.com – 02 May 2016 – In Carol Baroudi’s view there are “two kinds of companies”, one that “use their sustainability values to inform their business practices”, while the other show resistance towards the sustainable approach.
However, Baroudi says, in other cases, which mostly reflect their “external stance”, one can point out “cracks in the armor”, while the trick lies in identifying them and “exploiting” the same with patience and calm mind, for the cracks are bound to widen in order to give in to opportunities to percolate donw.
In order to locate such cracks, one needs to begin with finding out “what a company has to say about itself both internally and externally”. Moreover, it should also take into account the employees, shareholders and customers’ opinion for the same.
Sustainability will always bring down the expenses, besides reducing “energy consumption” which will result in lower energy bill. These along with other tangible signs could be used to measure the “sustainability win” ratio.
When it comes to optimisation of the use of electronic gadgets, Baroudi states:
Using managed deployment services to approach your electronics from a full-lifecycle perspective can help you make smarter purchases, optimize use and know that you have an environmentally sound way to handle them when you don’t need them any longer”.
The Reverse Supply Chain started by Arrow, manages spare parts as a sustainable approach, while “refurbished data center equipment or refurbished computers and mobile devices” allows one to save money and contributes to ecological benefits.
Moreover, it is better that one embraces sustainability without being prompted by the customers for more and more organisations be it from corporate, public or government sectors are becoming environmentally conscious. Choosing sustainable business methods could have other benefits too, for as per the Guardian:
 “Sustainability gives HR teams an edge in attracting and retaining talent.”
Carol Baroudi from Arrow says:
“This Earth Day, begin your quest. If you have other ideas about how to initiate change from the grass roots, please drop me a line at cbaroudi@arrow.com. I’d like to share them here and with others in my panel, ‘Embedding Sustainability Within Your Organization’s DNA,’ at the upcoming Sustainatopia conference in San Francisco, May 1-4. It’d be great to see you there too!”