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Career Success Secrets: Consistency, Time Management, and Family Priorities


Jody Clark initially entered the banking world as a teller during college, never foreseeing it as a long-term career. However, her journey led to a series of promotions, eventually landing her a district manager role in Cincinnati, a position she cherished as her dream job.

When her first child was born, Clark desired to dedicate herself fully to raising her family, briefly exploring other fields before returning to banking once her youngest child started school. It was then that her career soared.

Currently, Clark holds the position of senior vice president in the U.S. Bank Investment Advisor Services (IAS) Division within Global Fund Services. Her responsibilities include overseeing business development, relationship management, onboarding new advisors, and providing sales support to a network of over 340 registered investment advisors nationwide, offering custody services for their clients' assets.

Clark's journey within IAS began in 2012 when the division was established. Since then, she has played a pivotal role in its rapid growth, consistently leading in generating new revenue and effectively managing the front office team, as recognized by Jay Martin, president of Global Fund Services.

Reflecting on her success, Clark emphasizes the importance of her team and her relationships within U.S. Bank and with advisors, attributing the achievements of IAS and her own career progression to their collective efforts and the entrepreneurial spirit embraced by their management team.

“When I talk to our current and prospective advisors, I strive to be transparent and honest,” she said. “I work for a fantastic, strong and ethical company, and I always lead with that. It’s important to listen and learn from your clients before sharing what we can offer. Building a relationship of trust is the most important piece, and I’m blessed to be supported by a wonderful team that also shares that philosophy.”

Colleagues embarking on their career paths, especially women, frequently seek advice from Clark. Recalling the wisdom imparted by her mother, which has served as her guiding principle, she emphasizes the significance of consistency.

"I took that advice to heart. I make it a point to maintain consistency in every aspect of my life, from my appearance to my interactions with others," she explains. "I want those around me to always know what to expect from me, whether it's in a professional or casual setting. How I approach anything reflects how I approach everything."

Clark attributes her achievements to her competitive spirit and meticulous planning. She dedicates time each day to walking five miles, using it to reflect on her work and organize upcoming tasks. This routine began during her tenure at IAS, offering her a vital opportunity for mental clarity amidst new challenges.

While walking serves as a moment of contemplation, it has also evolved into a shared passion with her sister, as they set competitive goals of completing multiple marathons annually.

When spending time with her family, Clark prioritizes being fully present. She cherishes her role as a parent, considering her family her greatest source of joy and accomplishment.

Reflecting on whether her children are impressed by her banking success, Clark remains hopeful. As they embark on their own career journeys as adults, she trusts that they have absorbed valuable lessons from her experiences.

“I work really hard at every single thing that I do, and love to play hard. I hope they have learned that from me,” she said. “They’re all doing really well and I’m so proud of them."