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Career Discovery Week: High School Students Explore Tapestry Brands and Design Innovation in NYC


For the third consecutive year, Tapestry participated in the 2024 Career Discovery Week, organized by the Partnership For New York City. This initiative brought together more than 100 leading corporations and professional firms from various sectors in New York City. The goal was to offer thousands of high school students immersive hands-on experiences to explore career opportunities beyond the traditional classroom setting.
In March, students from the High School of Arts and Technology in New York City visited Tapestry's offices at Hudson Yards for a day filled with educational activities. The agenda began with presentations from different cross-functional teams at Tapestry and its brands, such as Consumer Insights & Strategy, Retail Finance, FP&A, ESG & Sustainability, and Distribution Operations. Representatives from these departments shared insights into their daily work routines and professional journeys, aiming to broaden the students' understanding of potential career paths.
Following the presentations, the students embarked on a tour of the Coach atelier, where they learned about the brand's rich history of craftsmanship and materials. They also witnessed the behind-the-scenes process of bringing products to life.
One of the highlights of the day was the "Product Design Challenge," where students were tasked with brainstorming ideas for new products for any Tapestry brand. Inspired by International Women’s Day and one of Tapestry Foundation's focus areas, the challenge centered around two main themes: incorporating sustainability and promoting women's empowerment in the product design, marketing, or other strategic aspects. With guidance from over 25 Tapestry volunteers, the students worked collaboratively in teams to design and present their innovative product concepts, ranging from functional Coach bags to sustainable handbags like "Coachtopia x SW."
The student groups then presented their concepts to a panel of judges, which included professionals like Iris Coker from Kate Spade, Kim Matsoukas from Coach, and Juliana Naso from Stuart Weitzman.