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Capturing The ‘Lush Green Landscapes’ In Workspace Design


The benefits of designing a greener workspace not only contribute to a better environment besides health benefits, the growing trend also is an indicator towards future workspace designs.

Dailycsr.com – 27 October 2018 – At present, there is a growing trend of capturing “the lush green landscapes” with the workspaces, whereby one gets to see “cascading fountains to botanical-rich workspaces” as companies of various sizes are opting for “natural, park-like environments” for designing their workspaces.
Aesthetic angle of the green workspace is an added benefit as this trend has proven to be “good for people and for business”. These spaces emanate calm vibrations which help in stress reduction, promote “overall wellness” and “boost productivity”. Moreover, these designs provide “financial benefits for property owners and developers”.
Keeping the employees healthy is the key to any successful business, therefore adding greenery to their workspaces adds to their health benefits besides maintaining a happy atmosphere, as plants are “natural air purifiers” which filters the air and reduces toxins. According to the studies conducted by NASA, under its “NASA Clean Air Study”, plants capture air pollutants within its tissues whereby cleaning the air around them.
Moreover, in a recent report from the “University of Twente, VU Amsterdam and CBRE”, it is revealed that incorporating greenery into designing a workspace provides “substantial benefits”. The said study involved hundred and twenty four employees from “CBRE’s Amsterdam office” and demonstrated that plant inclusion in the office lead to energising 76% of the workers involved in the survey. Further, 78% of them found their happiness to be boosted while another 65% notices an improvement in their health and the feeling of well-being.
Additionally, one can also delve into “water features” to enhance workspace wellbeing as it promotes “peace and calmness to employees, giving them a sense of serenity”. From the visual effects of a waterfall created by man to the tricking of water from an indoor fountain which cancels the disturbing noises from the outside world, water features contribute to a “soothing work environment and reduce stress”.
In fact, in dry climates, workspace designs that incorporate running water becomes a source for moisture, as water droplets evaporate in the atmosphere and contribute to “just the right amount of humidity” which eliminates stale and maintains “an overall healthy environment and tranquil ambiance”. And without any doubt when “employees feel god” they provide better result as they can work with “heightened concentration and mindfulness” which ultimately leads to improvement in their performance.
Karla Pope further added that:
“Offices are where many people spend most of their day. That’s why it’s imperative that employers and developers acknowledge and embrace the benefits of incorporating greenery and water features into their workspace designs. Enhancing work environments with wellness and beautifying elements are a win-win for employees, employers and property owners”.