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Cambodians’ Plight Of Water Shortage & Flooded Monsoons Come To An End


The residents of Roka in Cambodia to access ‘clean water’ through Kohler’s filtration system.

Dailycsr.com – 27 August 2017 – The “Kohler Asia Pacific” came together with “Shinta Mani Foundation” in the endeavour of giving Roka access to “clean water” with the help of “KOHLER Clarity water filtration system”.
Roka is a remote village in Cambodia, wherein the residents dealt with two extreme situation during the dry months the area faced “annual water shortage”, on the other hand, the monsoon rains secluded the region flooding roadways to make them “impassable”. However, the “bountiful water supply” of monsoon turns out to be unsafe for “drinking and cooking” purpose.
Therefore, Kohler Co.’s took a joint a step in providing clean water to this village, while for the full coverage on the story take look at the “DesignFul blog” of Kohler at: