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CSR Agenda Plays An Important Role In Employee Recruitment, Says Research


Employees are becoming more conscious about companies CSR commitments and want be an active part of the same.

Dailycsr.com – 25 June 2016 – The Cone Communications Employee Engagement Study of 2016 shows that almost two third of the employees in America are of the opinion that “their work and personal life are becoming increasingly blended”, while as many as ninety thee percent wants to work in a company that takes care of them “as an individual”.
Likewise, the study brings forward that more and more companies are expected to allow their respective employees to come up with their “passions for social and environmental issues to the workplace”. Besides current benefits, employees are seeking other benefits like “quality health insurance” and “a competitive financial package”. For the employees participating in a “wellness” programme is as important as supporting social causes “they care about”, whereby seventy eight percent of employees want to take an active part in their companies’ CSR endeavours. The VP of “CR Research & Insights” at Cone Communications, Alison DaSilva, said:
“As employees integrate their work and personal lives, they see coming to the office as much more than collecting a paycheck. They are not limiting their social consciousness to after work hours and want their employers to give them opportunities to make a meaningful difference, whether that’s providing a platform for supporting personal issues or being an active participant in their company’s corporate responsibility efforts.”
In fact, the commitments made by the companies towards social issues have become the “key drivers” for recruiting employees and retaining their “loyalty”. Here are few statistical figures that play a major role for someone seeking employment:
  • “58% consider a company’s social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work
  • “55% would choose to work for a socially responsible company, even if the salary was less
  • “51% won’t work for a company that doesn’t have strong social or environmental commitments”
Majority of employees are keen in joining the CSR activities of their respective companies, while statistics reveal:
  • “71% want their company to provide opportunities for them to help make a positive impact on the company’s social and environmental commitments
  • “75% say it’s important their company shares its goals, progress and related achievements
  • “77% say it’s important their employer provides them with hands-on activities around environmental responsibility
  • “47% believe companies need to find a balance around providing opportunities that focus on individuals’ personal interests and the social and environmental issues most important to the business”
CR Strategy’s VP at Cone Communications, Lisa Manley, stated:
“Today’s employees are eager to make a positive impact at work and they want to be actively engaged in CR initiatives. Companies can improve employee engagement and enhance business performance if they give all employees an opportunity to engage in CR through education, activities and open calls for ideas and innovations.”
Moreover, DaSilva adds:
“The stakes are higher for companies to provide more progressive types of volunteer experiences. Employees seek opportunities that give them the flexibility to customize when they do it, what they do and how they participate, whether that’s quick opportunities they can do at their desks or life-changing paid sabbaticals.”
In the eyes of employees, their employers are “facilitators and multipliers” of their “own philanthropic efforts”. Below is a list of donation programmes that support personal issues, which have been enlisted based on the priorities of the employees:
  • Matching gifts (70%)
  • Dollars for doers (69%)
  • Urgent appeals for critical issues or during times of disaster (69%)
  • Payroll deduction (60%)
It is companies’ responsibility to keep their employees well informed about their respective CSR engagements through various ways like e-mails, newsletters, management events and so on. Furthermore, employees also see social media as a “burgeoning communications opportunity”, wherein they can come up with their personal experiences:
  • “52% want to share their own photos, videos and experiences on their personal social media platforms
  • “48% would use designated company hashtags to share their own photos, videos and experiences”
It is also important to keep the employees motivated to participate in CSR endeavours for “making a meaningful difference”. However, it is equally important for the employers to understand that both “altruism and personal gain” can inspire employees. Besides, “financial incentives” and professional achievements, other form of motivators are:
  • “Personal recognition (79%)
  • “A meaningful personal experience (e.g., exploring new places, meeting new people) (76%)
  • “Perks (e.g., better parking spaces, “casual Fridays”) (74%)”
In today’s workforce ‘mature millennials along with the young generation X, tops the list of “highly-engaged employees”, while Manley notes:
“All eyes may be on Millennials as the next wave of engaged employees, but companies shouldn’t forget their managers and leaders. Young Gen Xers share the enthusiasm of their younger cohorts and are ready to invest their time, money and personal passions to support important issues at the office and in their communities.”