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CRB's recently established office in the Philadelphia region can be found at 110 Washington Street, Suite 600, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania


CRB, a prominent global provider of engineering, architecture, construction, and consulting solutions for the life sciences and food and beverage industries, has recently relocated its operations in the Philadelphia area to the newly constructed Seven Tower Bridge building in Conshohocken. Covering 26,670 square feet, the new office accommodates over 150 diverse employees and strategically positions CRB in close proximity to clients in one of the world's crucial biopharma markets.
Benefiting from its convenient access to major local highways and rail transit connections to 30th Street, Penn Station, and Jefferson Station, CRB's new office is strategically situated to support Philadelphia's "Cellicon Valley," the hub of the city's biopharma industry. The move to Conshohocken enhances CRB's accessibility to the region's research and development facilities, universities, and startup organizations that contribute to Philadelphia's dynamic life sciences community.
Designed with a "neighborhood" layout, the new office allows CRB staff to collaborate in dedicated spaces tailored to their project requirements. The open floor plan promotes work flexibility and team coordination. The office is equipped with modern technology, collaborative workstations, conference rooms, and an architecture and interior design library, providing employees with the necessary tools and spaces to deliver top-notch facilities for clients.
Prioritizing employee well-being and experience, the selection and design of the new location placed a strong emphasis on wellness. The office features perimeter windows to maximize natural daylight, and a fully equipped gym on the floor below promotes employee fitness. The surrounding area offers convenient access to the Schuylkill River Trail, public transportation, restaurants, and hotels, making it a well-rounded and accessible workspace for CRB's team.

“Before choosing an office site and determining our floor plan, we surveyed our team to understand their workspace needs,” said Sam Kitchell, CRB’s Chief Operating Officer. “Based on that feedback, our architects designed the space to best accommodate their coworkers. Now in Conshohocken, our team has the resources and space they need to succeed in an exciting spot with easy access to Greater Philadelphia. We are ready and energized to continue bringing our clients state-of-art experiences and facilities, while being closer to talent from local universities.”

RB's recently established office in the Philadelphia region can be found at 110 Washington Street, Suite 600, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.