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COP21 Exhibits Maximum’s High Design Models Creation From Waste Materials Of A. Schulman


Turning quality control waste materials of A Schulman into high designs Maximum exhibits at the COP21.

Dailycsr.com – 05 January 2016 – During the COP21, Paris climate summit, wherein the decision makers from the United Nations came together to “thrash out a critical climate deal”, an exhibition was held outside “the committee meeting” attracting hundreds of influencers, stakeholders and innovators. The exhibition, that accompanied the “World Efficiency show”, lasted from the 7th of December 2015 to the 9th of December 2015.
A. Schulman, a leading “supplier” specialising on “high-performance plastic compounds, powders, composites and resins”, along with others came together to collaborate with Maximum, “Parisian design company”. The latter is using “purge waste” from Schulman, required to maintain quality standards, for creating “colourful unique stools”.
Moreover, the Vice President of “Specialty Powders A. Schulman”, Fabrizio Cochi stated:
"When A. Schulman Specialty Powders France was approached by young Parisian designers with a project for the reuse of our quality control and purge waste, we immediately saw a great opportunity to give a second life to our materials which were thrown away until now. At the same time, contributing to the tradition of handicraft work for a locally made design product corresponded our core values."
The material recovered from the quality control section of A. Schulman was moulded into a stool model by Maximum, whereby the slogan went like:
“Nothing Goes Wasted”.
Furthermore, Maximum’s resource director, Basile de Gaulle explained:
"Instead of a mould in a form of skittle A. Schulman used to proceed for its quality control tests, we provided A. Schulman Montereau quality control team with a mould to rotomould stools and chairs”.
While, the sales head at “A. Schulman Specialty Powders EMEA”, Christophe Cario commented:
"This is a perfect example how we can support local entrepreneurs with great value for both parties. Maximum’s mould allows us to proceed with very detailed quality control tests. On the other hand, Maximum revalorises the material which would have had ended its short life cycle in a waste bin."