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CNH Industrial’s Sustainable Mobility Initiatives: A Review of 2022 and Outlook for 2023


CNH Industrial has shown its dedication to enhancing the commuting experience of its workforce by promoting the use of public transportation and environmentally friendly travel alternatives. This commitment is evident in several aspects of their 2022 Sustainability Report, which was recently published.
A survey was carried out among 5,500 CNH employees in Italy and the UK to gather data on their commuting habits, needs, suggestions, and feedback. The findings of this survey will be utilized to create and execute a specific action plan in 2023.
In Modena and San Matteo (Modena), Italy, CNH Industrial provided financial support for employees to purchase public transit passes. The company also covered public transportation expenses for employees in Switzerland, all sites in Brazil, and for a group of 100 employees in Heidelberg, Germany.
In countries like Argentina, Brazil, China, India, and Italy, shuttle services were provided to assist employees with their commute between home and work. As per the report, these services were utilized by 4,897 individuals. The service named ‘MYshuttle!’ had 1,600 registered profiles and allowed CNH employees to reserve a shuttle ride either instantly (on demand) or periodically. ‘Myshuttle!’ is an innovative and sustainable transportation solution for employees aiming to minimize their carbon emissions.
Throughout 2022, numerous cycling events were held at various locations. During the European Mobility Week in Italy and Belgium, CNH hosted ‘Biking New Ground’, a week-long event aimed at promoting active and sustainable mobility among employees through cycling to work. Due to the event’s success in terms of attendance and participation, ‘Biking New Ground’ will be repeated during the 2023 European Mobility Week, commencing on September 14th.
Employees in Antwerp and Zedelgem (Belgium) also had access to bike leasing programs, with a total of 544 bikes being leased. In the UK, employees were given financial incentives to buy bicycles, e-bikes or scooters for commuting.
In Belgium, carpooling initiatives involved 250 employees. However, in Italy, this initiative was put on hold from the previous year due to local health and safety considerations.
As highlighted in their 2022 Sustainability Report, sustainable mobility is a key component of CNH Industrial’s environmental commitment. The company plans to maintain this focus through 2023 and beyond.