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CNH Industrial Received Three Accolades At REI Awards


CNH Industrial believes in taking “the accessibility of the brand and products to a new level”.

Dailycsr.com – 25 September 2020 – The REI Awards held its tenth celebration in Brazil wherein CNH Industrial was awarded “three accolades” for “Excellence and Innovation”. The said award recognises the companies for delivering “new value” in the “automotive industry, mobility and society” at large as a leader contributing to the global transformation.
New Holland Agriculture is a world-wide brand of CNH Industrial which received lime light for its effort of improving “accessibility in the countryside” whereby helping the farmers to raise their life’s quality through the “concept tractor”, adapted to assist the “people with reduced mobility”. The said innovation garnered praised in the “Agricultural and Construction Machinery category”.
The above mentioned concept aimed to bring same working condition under same “comfort, safety and performance” irrespective of “mobility issues”. In the words of the product managing director at “New Holland Agriculture, South America”, Cláudio Calaça Júnior:
“We believe that it is possible to take the accessibility of the brand and products to a new level. We are monitoring this and are willing to develop solutions that assist in-field tasks, whether for a person with reduced mobility or other specific needs”.
The tractor was jointly created with Elevittá, the latter specialises in “accessible vehicles”. As a result, it features “a lifting platform and a joystick” for the operator to have control over the “access to and from the tractor”. Moreover, the tractor also provides the operator access to “primary in-cab tractor controls” adapted to provide safety and “deliver good ergonomic performance”.
Furthermore, CNH Industrial was also awarded under “Sustainability and Socio-Environmental Responsibility: Manufacturer category” for a “specific volunteer project” facilitating “the development of socially vulnerable young people”.
Additionally, a third recognition came to “FPT Industrial”, a global brand that manufactures “powertrain technology”, for its “F1C engine” which were created for “commercial vehicles”. The same was singled out for its “innovative combination of three different fuels” while offering “performance, versatility, durability and efficiency”. Likewise, the engine can run with either of these three: “compressed natural gas (CNG), biomethane or ethanol”.