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CNH Industrial Partners With Zasso On ‘Non-Chemical Weed’ Control


Electrical powered weed control delivers social good and reduces environmental impacts.

Dailycsr.com – 21 November 2020 – CNH Industrial N.V. recently acquired “a minority stake”, whereby strengthening its partnership between Zasso Group and its tech startups, AGXTEND. Zasso Group specialises in the “non-chemical” plant management solutions for “weed and invasive” ones with the help of electrical power.
The Electroherb technology, patented by Zasso, brings a “targeted, chemical-free weed control” that uses electrical current for the benefit of the consumers. While, the technology could also be used to address “urban weed management situations”. Moreover, the technology happens to be equally “effective and efficient” when compared to “standard chemical herbicides”. Furthermore, it does not struggle with “growing developed plant chemical resistance” as it delivers social good along with “environmental benefits”. For example, it cuts down the usage of “chemical weed killers” whereby reducing “associated environment impact”.