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CNH Brands Shine at Expoagro: Innovations, Financing, and Support for Argentine Producers


CNH Brands Shine at Expoagro: Innovations, Financing, and Support for Argentine Producers
Dubbed as ‘The National Capital of Agribusiness,’ Expoagro stands as one of the premier agro-industrial exhibitions across Latin America. Esteemed companies within the sector showcase their latest products, services, and cutting-edge technology and connectivity solutions. It serves not only as a platform for discovering new business avenues but also for forging strategic partnerships to foster the sustainable development and growth of the productive sector.
Among the highlights from Case IH were the Axial-Flow Series 150 and 250 combines, alongside the Puma line of tractors and the Patriot 300. The Patriot 300 boasts a new NEF 6 engine crafted in Argentina, delivering enhanced power compared to its predecessor, coupled with a new hydraulic system. Tailored specifically for the Argentine market, this equipment ensures heightened reliability, robustness, improved performance on uneven terrain, maintaining consistent speed, and prolonged durability.
Rodrigo Lanciotti, Marketing Manager, remarked, "The trials conducted in 2023 with a limited number of units yielded highly favorable outcomes. In line with the demands of Argentine producers for advanced technology and superior performance, we persist in investing in and supporting national production, affirming that the model will be permanently manufactured at our facility in Ferreyra, Córdoba."
Similarly, New Holland showcased a formidable lineup featuring low, medium, and high-power tractors, the CR 7.90 Intellisense combine harvester, and the Defensor SP3000 sprayer, all domestically produced. With a strong emphasis on technology, New Holland also highlighted its prowess in Digital Agriculture, featuring the Intelligence Center, a support system enabling New Holland's specialized personnel to offer digital assistance from both the industrial plant and dealership fronts.
Moreover, New Holland introduced innovative tools such as the Oculus and augmented reality headsets, providing real-time remote assistance services to customers. Additionally, the brand unveiled products from Raven, a subsidiary of CNH, known for its leading automated aftermarket precision agriculture technology solutions, soon to be available in Argentina.

"We are very happy to participate again in Expoagro, one of the most important fairs in our country. We invite all visitors to stop by our booth and discover the latest developments in technology and automation that we offer, as well as our various financing options for our products," said Tomás Liceda, Commercial Director of New Holland Argentina.

Another innovative feature from the brand was the immersive 360° experience showcasing the Argentine countryside. This initiative aimed to raise awareness about the efforts behind the food production by farmers across the country.
Expoagro visitors also benefited from the support of CNH Capital in selecting the most favorable financing conditions when acquiring New Holland machinery. With extensive experience in financing agriculture in Latin America, the institution pledged to offer its expertise to Argentine producers.
CASE, a CNH construction brand, proudly shared the spotlight with its agricultural counterparts. Alongside Case IH, CASE showcased the 580N and 570ST backhoe loader models, and the SR175B skid steer loader—equipment highly favored by customers for both construction and field tasks.
Mario Rizzi, CASE's commercial manager for Latin America, noted, "Since the 90s, we've been participating in significant fairs like Expoagro. This presents a fresh opportunity to engage with customers and connect with producers, who frequently employ our machines for field-related tasks. Today, owing to the versatility and adaptability of our machines, we're also making inroads into other sectors such as mining and regional economies in the interior."
During the fair, official regional distributors Grumaq and Álvarez Rental provided personalized advice on the benefits, performance, and operability of the equipment.
Expoagro attendees also received support from CNH Capital in navigating optimal financing options for machinery acquisition. With extensive experience in agricultural financing across Latin America, the institution extended its expertise to Argentine producers.
The presence of Case IH, New Holland, and CASE at this year's Expoagro underscores CNH's dedication to sustainable products and innovation, fostering a brighter future for farmers and construction workers not only in Argentina but also worldwide.