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CGF's WellbeingAtWork Initiative: Advancing Employee Health and Awareness


On this World Mental Health Day, the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) highlighted the progress achieved in its 2023 #WellbeingAtWork initiative. This effort, backed by leaders from member and partner companies, has been pivotal in raising awareness about the importance of mental and physical health in the workplace. It has sparked a collective call to create work environments that actively promote and support employee well-being.
Considering that individuals spend approximately one-third of their lives at work, addressing health issues in the workplace is crucial. The global cost of this problem is estimated at $12 trillion, equivalent to 15% of the worldwide real GDP. The campaign was launched to provide CGF member companies, collectively generating €4.6 trillion in revenue and directly employing nearly 10 million people, along with an estimated 90 million jobs throughout the value chain, with an opportunity to reemphasize the significance of employee well-being.
The CGF applauds the champions who have united to amplify their message through various mediums, such as video series, podcasts, and Well-Being MasterClass sessions. What sets the #WellbeingAtWork campaign apart is its commitment to advocating for practical and region-specific initiatives that enhance employee well-being. These initiatives include introducing healthier food choices in workplaces, ensuring access to healthcare, promoting activities that improve physical health, and launching a mental health hotline, among others. We express our gratitude to the leaders from the following companies for their active involvement:
"I hope that, together with members of The Consumer Goods Forum, we can inspire one another and make a meaningful difference in the lives and well-being of our employees," said Frans Muller, CEO of Ahold Delhaize and CGF Co-Chair, expressing optimism that the industry will continue to progress and have a lasting impact.

“Mental health and wellbeing issues form a key part of our local and global action plans. With the CGF Board of Directors we have agreed to accelerate action with our 400 members in 2024 on employee well-being,” said Sharon Bligh, Health and Sustainability Director at The Consumer Goods Forum.