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CEO Investor Forum Unites Institutional Investors & Leading Company CEOs To Share Their Long-Term Plans


Join in with your presentation and re-define the values of public companies through SII at CEO Investor Forum.

Dailycsr.com – 27 January 2017 – CECP is a coalition wherein over two hundred corporations “collectively” represent “$7 trillion in annual revenue”, whereby CECP’s institutional investors and the C.E.O.s will come together to celebrate the “first-ever CEO Investor Forum” which will coincide with the “12th annual Board of Boards” of CECP on the 27th of February 2017.
The above mentioned event will be conducted in the afternoon and during the session the CEO and investors’ conglomeration will concentrate on “mutual business” and the needs of the investors for driving “long-term value creation”. Moreover, in this event “long-term-oriented institutional investors” will also take part, while along with pension funds, the collective total represented will stand over “$15 trillion in assets under management and corporate leaders of Fortune 500 companies”.
There is an invitation for the investors who might take interest in the event, although “only a few slots” are remaining to be filled up. So far, the conformed list of corporate leaders and C.E.O.s are, as mentioned by Ethical Performance:
  • Mitch Barns, CEO, Nielsen
  • Michael Corbat, CEO, Citigroup
  • Thomas DeRosa, CEO & Director, Welltower Inc
  • Anthony F. Earley, Jr., Chairman, CEO and President, PG&E Corporation
  • Vincent Forlenza, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, BD
  • Andrew Liveris, President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Dow Chemical Company
  • F. William McNabb III, Chairman & CEO, Vanguard
  • Robert Pozen, Independent Director and Chair of Finance Committee, Medtronic
  • Tom Wilson, Allstate
  • IBM, presenter TBD
Eighty six percent of the C.E.Os who took part in CECP’s “Board of Boards” last year, were of the opinion that quite a lot of their time was spent focusing on “short-term” issues. In an attempt to bring in a fundamental change in the “way public companies define value creation”, CECP came up with “Strategic Investor Initiative (SII)”.
SII is working towards creating a platform for moving “trillions in capital” by working with “leading companies” and helping them to make and deliver on their “long-term plans to institutional investors”, whereby integrating “financially material environmental, social, and corporate governance factors”. In the words of the Chief Executive Officer of CECP, Daryl Brewster:
“The conversations and connections that will happen at the first-ever CEO-Investor Forum will begin to change the dynamic between companies and asset owners to highlight areas of mutual interest,” said Daryl Brewster. These sessions are where CEOs and investors with common values come to discuss the system-level changes necessary to drive sustainable value."
While, SII’s Director at CECP, Mark Tulay, added:
“The inaugural CEO Investor Forum will be a watershed moment to accelerate the shift away from short-term myopia on Wall Street towards long-term sustainable value creation. SII is looking forward to connecting leading CEOs with long-term investors so that together, we can focus on the new normal of driving long-term value creation.”
Furthermore, the Chief Executive Officer of Nielsen, Mitch Barns, said:
“Companies need to invest in the long-term well being of the communities on which they rely for their business. CECP provides a unique opportunity for companies to come together around this important shared mission of making a positive social impact.”
The CEOs and investors will gather at the “Time Warner HQ” in New York on the 27th of February 2017, while the convening will last from “12:00 p.m.” till “6:00 p.m.” The CEO Investor Forum will be streamed live through a “link on the SII webpage”. In order to reserve an afternoon session from the “few remaining” slots, interested investors need to contact “Mark Tulay, mtulay@cecp.co.”
The Advisory Board of SII consists of, as mentioned by the Ethical Performance:
  • Jonathan Bailey, Junior Partner, McKinsey & Company / Focusing Capital on the Long Term Initiative
  • Dana Bezerra, Vice President, Capital Markets, Heron Foundation
  • Daryl Brewster, CEO, CECP
  • Anthony Di Meo, Director, Investor Relations, BD
  • Michelle Edkins, Managing Director, BlackRock
  • Robert Fernandez, CFA, Vice President, Director of ESG Research, Breckinridge Capital Advisors
  • Benjamin Gigot, Vice President of Research, Investment Management, CDPQ
  • Evan Harvey, Director of Corporate Responsibility, NASDAQ
  • Erika Karp, Founder, CEO and Chair of the Board, Cornerstone Capital Inc.
  • Teri Loxam, Vice President, Investor Relations, Merck
  • Susan Mac Cormac, Partner, Morrison & Foerster
  • Mark McDivitt, Managing Director, Head of US Hedge Fund Sales, State Street
  • Kathleen McLaughlin, President, Walmart Foundation & Global Head of Sustainability, Wal-Mart
  • Tim Nixon, Managing Editor of Sustainability, Thomson Reuters
  • Glenn W. Reed, Managing Director, Strategy and Finance Group, Vanguard
  • Brian Rice, Portfolio Manager, CalSTRS
  • Amy Springsteel, Assistant VP, Corporate Responsibility, Voya
  • Mark Tulay, Director, Strategic Investor Initiative, CECP
  • Dennis Whalen, Leader, Board Leadership Center, KPMG
  • Tim Youmans, Research Director, Strategic Investor Initiative, CECP
In a note to editors, CECP also added that:
“CECP can coordinate interviews with Daryl Brewster, CEO, and Mark Tulay, Director, Strategic Investor Initiative, CECP are available for comment on the CEO Investor Forum. Please contact Jackie Albano, jalbano@cecp.co, 646-863-1926 to arrange interviews.”