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CEMEX Opts For ‘Materiality Disclosure Service’ Of GRI


Creating value through digital transformation, CEMEX takes forward its sustainable strategy.

Dailycsr.com – 18 April 2018 – CEMEX has come out with its 2017 “Integrated Report” under the title of “Leading Our Industry’s Digital Transformation”. This report marks the second one for the company which allows the reader to take a “comprehensive insight” into the working of the company in its journey of “creating value across its four strategic pillars”, namely “People, Customers, Markets, and Sustainability”.
While, the chief executive officer of CEMEX, Fernando A. Gonzalez said:
“Our 2017 Integrated Report underscores our commitment to create value for all of our stakeholders by igniting the digital revolution of our industry. During 2017, we focused on delivering a superior customer experience and integrating sustainability into all aspects of our business, fostering our global leadership in the industry.”
“Leading Our Industry’s Digital Transformation” takes forward CEMEX’s reporting evolution whereby aiming to “facilitate a greater understanding of the relationship between its financial and non-financial key performance indicators” which also covers the governing and operating models of the company.
Moreover, the second integrated report of CEMEX carries KPMG’s “external limited assurance statement”. In an attempt to create a better alignment with the “stakeholders’ main interests”, CEMEX followed GRI standard for “2017 Integrated Report”.
CEMEX also opted for “‘in accordance’ comprehensive option” and requested GRI for conducting “its Materiality Disclosures Service”.