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CART Is A Recent Collaborative Effort Of Tetra Pak To Provide An Yard Stick For Best Practices In Recycling


Tetra Pak continues to support the local recycling system to improve by gathering data through an analysis.

Dailycsr.com – 18 January 2017 – The commitment of Tetra Pak has been to support “local partnerships and projects” that encourage the increment of “recycling rates”, whereby a new report outlines “an overview” about a “collaborative effort” that took place recently and has been called the “Coalition to Advance Recovery in Tennessee”, CART in short.
Moreover, the report also provides a “recycling system gap” analysis’ results which was executed in the “Memphis Area”, a “key region of the state”. The “Memphis Region Gap Analysis” data provides a yard stick for measuring the “uptake of recycling best practices”, besides featuring the details of recycling programme, which set “benchmarks performance for municipalities and counties in the region”.
As a result, one can find “clear opportunities” for the development of “hub and spoke recycling systems” in the above mentioned region. The manager of “Neighborhood Services, Germantown, TN” and the chairperson of “Shelby County regional solid waste” planning’s board, Joe Nunes, said:
“The gap analysis process was very useful to help identify opportunities for improvement in our recycling program through benchmarking best practices in other municipalities, and provided insight into the success of our program on key performance metrics.”
Moreover, the Ethical Performance reports:
“Increasing material recovery in Tennessee to the national average and beyond will further the interests of both the public and private sectors. It will produce thousands of processing and manufacturing jobs and build upon an existing, steady base of infrastructure in the state. Local industries are hungry for the additional feedstock and it makes sound business sense to use local materials”.