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CAM Training Offers New Courses To Suit The Cleaning Industry


Highlighting the specialisation required to be a cleaning worker, CAM Training organises new courses.

Dailycsr.com – 26 May 2016 – CAM Training specialises in giving cam supports especially in a working place that sits at a height. The same has now come up with “2016/17 range of specialist health, safety and wellbeing training courses”. The said courses are targeted to people who work in maintenance and cleaning section of any high raised building.
It is often seen that the cleaning business sector is regarded with a certain disdain, whereby considering the ones involved in it to the “low skilled”. However, HSE claims that the said attitude is a result of an understanding, for the “professional cleaners” need to undertake trainings for to do their jobs well. Therefore, CAM Training facilitates the said burden of the workers in cleaning sector and offers various courses. The new CAM Training courses are listed below:
  • IOSH working safely and managing safely
  • Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
  • Federation of Window Cleaners’ IOSH accredited Cleaning windows safely using water fed poles and ladders
  • Federation of Window Cleaners’ IOSH Risk assessment and method statements for cleaning windows
Moreover, Cam also designs customised training specialised to satisfy specific needs of the industry clients.