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Business Improving Their CSR Reporting Could Help In ‘Poverty Alleviation’


GRI has come up with discussion papers with practical support to help business in participating poverty alleviation.

Dailycsr.com – 30 January 2018 – In the month of September 2016, GRI, in collaboration with DFID, started a “research project” that reviewed the “relationship” of “corporate sustainability reporting” and actions taken by businesses on “poverty alleviation”. The aim was to identify the method of bringing an improvement in data collection and reporting that has the potential to “optimize business’s contribution to ending poverty”.
According to GRI:
“The role of business is essential, and we see corporate sustainability reporting a significant driver of positive social change”.
Now, GRI has come up with a “follow-up” of the same report in the form of a “discussion paper” consisting of “practical recommendations” that companies can follow for engaging in a better way to in “poverty alleviation”. In order to avail, the entire discussion paper of “Corporate Reporting on Poverty”, kindly visit: