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Buildings & Data Centres Are Significant Contributor Of Climate Change


Nearly one percent of the “global electricity” is being used by data centers creating “a large and growing carbon footprint”.

Dailycsr.com – 18 August – Sam Adams from “VERT Asset Management” informed that the data centers and real estates have significantly invested towards “energy efficiency” yet they possess an “insatiable appetite” for continued growth and through renewable energy, they can further cut down on their “carbon footprint”.
Nearly 40% of global energy gets consumed by buildings and contribute to 30% of world’s “energy-related greenhouse gas emissions”, whereby turning a major contributor to climate change. Energy is used to either heat or cool buildings besides going into the lightings of buildings. Among the common placed strategies to reduce energy wastage some are “LED lighting”, smart thermostats and better insulation. While, Adams adds:
“The energy needs of our data, and the solutions, are less obvious. We’ve moved our music, our movies, and more of our lives into the ‘cloud’. But our data isn’t actually stored in a cloud. It resides in real buildings we call data centers, which have a large and growing carbon footprint”.
As a result, nearly one percent of the “global electricity” is being used by data centers, while internet functions around the clock, power requirement stretches “24 hours a day, seven days a week”. Likewise, the issue of the kind of energy used and the technology being put in place comes under limelight for companies as well as data centres providing “internet services across the globe”.
Sam, however comes up with “The Path to Renewable Energy and Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration” for leading the way in promoting renewable energy in buildings and data centres. The link for the above mentioned article is given below: