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Britain Faces A ‘Shortfall’ Of ‘42000’ Occupational Health Specialists


A new study reveals that the requirements of specialists in occupational health sector are not being fulfilled.

Dailycsr.com – 15 June 2016 – The lack of “occupational health specialists” in the United Kingdom is resulting in an acute way on the health of the workforce in the country. The shortage of professionals in this line amounts to around “42,000” adding “various discipline”, reports the “Council for Work and Health”.
The Council for Work and Health had published a table to show the total number of personnel required in respective field, whereby the table shows that there are about “1000 occupational hygienists” needed in the industry, while the sector of human factors along with ergonomics together require over “2000 specialists”.
HSE informs:
“Planning the future: Implications for occupational health; delivery and training, describes how too few practitioners are being trained and recruited, while the ageing demographic profile of existing practitioners will exacerbate the skills crisis”.
The same report disputes over the “shortfall” in “occupational health specialists”, which is likely to “get worse” if government, NHS, and employers do not intervene at this juncture.