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Bristol-Myers Squibb Is Actively Involved In Disaster Relief Work At Texas As It Strengthens Its Support


Keeping its guards up, Bristol-Myers Squibb monitors the unfolding post disaster situation at Texas.

Dailycsr.com – 31 August 2017 – The “Bristol-Myers Squibb” along with the “Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation” augmented their support towards the Hurricane Harvey’s “emergency relief efforts”. The said hurricane is a “first major” one to hit the U.S. land within a decade.
The Bristol-Myers Squibb is giving out medicines as donation worth “$10 million” to its network of “global relief partners” working towards Texas relief. Moreover, the Foundation is also making an additional donation of “$200,000” to Americares, “Direct Relief International and American Red Cross”, so that these organisations could also provide supplies and medical cares to those who desperate need them.
In fact, the Foundation will be “matching US and Puerto Rico employee donations to all eligible organizations working on the relief efforts”. While, the President of Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, John Damonti, said:
“As the devastation of Hurricane Harvey continues to unfold, we are increasing our support to meet the significant needs of the communities impacted. Bristol-Myers Squibb’s increased support will provide access to basic supplies and support relief partners in their work, as well as get medicines in the hands of patients who need them.”
Along with its partners of disaster relief, Bristol-Myers Squibb, is continuously monitoring the situation, ready to provide help as and when needed.