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Breast Cancer Journey: A Story of Resilience and Advocacy


Teosha Harrison stood by her best friend Lola when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28. Teosha provided unwavering support and encouragement throughout Lola's 10-year battle with the disease. In addition to being a steadfast friend, Teosha became a passionate advocate for breast cancer awareness and early detection. Tragically, Lola eventually passed away, prompting Teosha to have her first mammogram at the age of 38.
Recognizing the importance of being attuned to one's own body, Teosha discovered a lump in her breast a few months after the mammogram. Initially, she dismissed it as scar tissue from a medical procedure she had undergone two years prior. However, during a visit to her doctor for swimmer's ear, she mentioned the lump, and her physician urged her to get it checked immediately. On September 18, 2018, Teosha received a Stage 1A Progesterone Positive Breast Cancer diagnosis.
Teosha emphasized the significance of knowing one's own body, saying, "I knew something wasn't right because I know my body. I discovered the lump after a self-check. Knowing your body is crucial because it can enable you to communicate with your doctor and detect conditions like breast cancer early."
Teosha's cancer was of a highly aggressive type that had the potential to spread rapidly. Her treatment journey commenced with eight grueling rounds of chemotherapy, followed by a double mastectomy. The treatment took a toll on her both physically and mentally, robbing her of her independence.
"Before my diagnosis, I had a busy life. My three sons were actively involved in basketball and band, and I worked full time. Everyone relied on me," Teosha explained. "Honestly, some days, I thought it would have been easier to die than endure the physical and mental battles cancer presented. There were moments of profound sadness and deep despair. But then I realized that I wasn't facing this journey alone. It was challenging for me to accept help, but I eventually did, thanks to my mother's encouragement. It was a humbling experience as I began to lean on others."
As Teosha completed her treatment, surgery, and reconstruction, her supporters rallied around her. However, her life took more difficult turns as she lost her father and encountered other personal challenges. These experiences inspired her to shift her perspective and find light in the midst of darkness.
“After overcoming breast cancer and the other obstacles in my life, I found strength to become the best version of myself that I could be,” said Teosha. “Cancer changed me completely. I liked the old Teosha, but she was gone. I didn’t have to be a diminished version of myself. I am different now, and that’s okay. I am still Teosha but stronger than ever before!” 
While earlier Teosha used to be her biggest critic,  now she’s her biggest fan. 

“I am not the person I was before cancer. Some days, I don't know who I am, and I give myself grace,” said Teosha. “I had to walk through sadness and pain to rediscover myself. I’m now unapologetically ‘Totally Teosha, Stronger Than Before.’”