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Brazil’s Urge To Prevent Double Counting


Brazil welcomed the positive outcomes of COP24, besides pledging against double counting and acting as a sustainable leader to curb global warming.

Dailycsr.com – 17 January 2019 – Brazil does not support the idea of “double counting” carbon credits, while it has been consistent in supporting the efforts for preventing “double counting”, stated Thiago de Araujo Mendes from the Environment Ministry of Brazil.
During the COP24, Brazil has urged all the participating nations to collaborate in enabling “greater private-sector climate action”. The country’s involvement in COP24 negotiations has been on a steady footing for ensuring that the meet delivers “a workable toolbox” capable of limiting global warming.
As a result, the country welcomes the “positive outcome of COP24” with open arms which included the agreement of “working on a stronger global market mechanism” towards reducing emissions. However, concerning the positions of the country, “several misrepresentations” have surfaced, which talked about exposing “new rifts” through hard deals made at “climate talks”. Unfortunately, these talks have become hurdles that hinder the countries to move ahead in a positive direction working together, reported the Guardian.
Brazil has a faith in reducing emissions though “sustainable development mechanism” which comes as an addition to the “emissions-reductions targets” set by the “country where the reductions are generated”. Explaining the same, the Guarding added:
“This means that if the private sector develops a project and sells additional emissions reductions to any country, those reductions should be counted only towards the national targets of the purchasing country, with no impact on the targets of the country that hosted the project. If the purchasing country then on-sells those emissions reductions, they should absolutely be required to make an adjustment in respect of their national emissions targets”.
In case, these above mentioned measures are not observed, there are chances of encountering double counting, the very situation which the countries including Brazil seek to prevent. Moreover, it is also important to accurately represent all the “countries’ position”.
This step is necessary for the world to “progress on climate change” agenda. In this Brazil, has not only lead the way to carry out global discussions but it has also taken actions, as the country informed that it is “already meeting” the “pre-2020 targets in 2018”, while it is looking forward to everyone with “pre-2020 commitments to deliver on them”.