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Boston WINs To Provide Thousand Job Opportunities Through A ‘$20 Million’ Investment


The State Street Corporation embarks on a philanthropic venture whereby it plans on increasing career opportunities for the youth besides investing in long-term funding. The commitment amounts to $20 million on the part of the corporation.

Boston WINs To Provide Thousand Job Opportunities Through A ‘$20 Million’ Investment
Dailycsr.com – 23 July 2015 – Business Wire reports from Boston about the announcement of “State Street Corporation”, whereby it declared that the corporation will be launching “the state Street Foundation’s Boston Workforce Investment Network”, which will be shortly called “Boston WINs”. The said news was broken “at a press conference” wherein the “Governor Baker and Mayor Walsh” were themselves present.
Keeping a youngster oriented goal of creating the careers of 21st century’s Boston youths along with “expanding” their “talent pool” whereby providing “economic mobility”, the Boston WINs works in collaboration with “five local and notional” non-profit organizations. All the allies of Boston WINs share the same goal. Moreover, the investment of Boston WINs will be venturing into philanthropic investments which will open up the scope for “long-term funding” which will include “measurement and direct involvement to philanthropic programs” which can increase the effectiveness of Boston WINs in turn.
For the above mentioned purpose the State Street Foundation has declared an “investment of $20 million” which will be distributed over a period of four years to five different organizations enabling them to “significantly scale their respective programs”. This will be an attempt to make a better future for the youths of Boston. According to statistic figures, the said collective endeavor will help sixty percent of the Boston youth. In fact, the corporation of State Street has sworn a commitment towards “hiring 1,000 Boston students” who will be help by the organization of WINs over the course of “next four years”. As per the report, the five organizations involved in this journey besides WINs are:
“Bottom Line, Boston Private Industry Council (PIC), College Advising Corps (CAC), uAspire and Year Up.”
The chairperson and the C.E.O of “State Street Corporation”, Jay Hooley said:
“The goal of the Boston WINs initiative is to provide opportunities for our city’s future workforce by focusing on the creation of career paths for local youth, and supporting them in the education process. As an employer, we hold a critical part of the solution to workforce development. By bringing together these organizations and aligning them to a common goal, we can improve outcomes for students along the continuum from high school to higher education and beyond. The Boston WINs network model will help each organization deliver outcomes that surpass what they could have accomplished individually.”
In fact, the project has received full support from the governor and the mayor of the town, whereby the governor Charlie Baker commended the effort and said:
“A strong workforce and economic growth go hand in hand and Massachusetts has an opportunity to capitalize on both by ensuring our workers have the skills to meet the needs of employers in the 21st century economy.”
Likewise, the mayor, Martin J. Walsh echoed the governor and showed his consent by saying:
“I am very pleased that State Street is making this investment in the city's economic vitality and future. We share the philosophy that career pathways and work-based learning are leading approaches to expanding opportunity for young Boston residents.”