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Boots & No7 Beauty: Net Zero Leads Drive Emission Reduction Plan


Walgreens Boots Alliance maintains its steadfast commitment to ambitious yet crucial targets regarding carbon emissions reduction, plastic usage reduction, and minimizing food waste. Our progress towards these targets is detailed in our 2023 Environmental, Social & Governance Report. 

At WBA, we firmly believe in the interconnectedness between the health of our planet and that of our communities. Whether it's the repercussions of extreme weather events, natural calamities, airborne illnesses, or deteriorating air quality, the impact is undeniable. Recognizing that human activities are the primary drivers of climate change, we are dedicated to taking prompt action as a corporation to mitigate our environmental footprint. 

WBA continues to make strides in achieving our global emissions reduction objectives, aiming for a 30 percent reduction in total emissions by the close of fiscal 2030. By the conclusion of fiscal 2023, we successfully decreased our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 25 percent compared to the 2019 baseline. 

To ensure we are on track to meet our reduction targets, we consistently explore avenues for enhancing energy efficiency within our largest business segment, Walgreens. With a vast network of over 8,700 stores and clinics across the U.S., implementing innovative strategies to reduce energy consumption is paramount to reaching our 2030 objectives. 

In fiscal 2023, Walgreens initiated a trial bulk fuel program in two California distribution centers, transitioning from traditional diesel to renewable diesel. This initiative has the potential to slash transportation emissions in these locations by 75 percent. Encouraged by its success, WBA plans to expand this program to other locations across the U.S. as additional renewable fuel supply becomes available. 

Meanwhile, in the UK, Boots remains committed to reducing its reliance on natural gas within its stores. We have adopted a stance of not utilizing gas in new stores and have implemented active gas-to-electric programs to facilitate the transition. As part of these efforts, Boots successfully eliminated natural gas from seven stores through HVAC projects and significantly reduced gas usage in one additional store. 

Furthermore, in fiscal 2021, Boots UK collaborated with fellow retailers in the UK to develop a roadmap for achieving net zero emissions by 2040, with milestones including net zero Scope 2 emissions by 2030, Scope 1 by 2035, and Scope 3 by 2040. Additionally, Boots Ireland pledged its commitment to reducing carbon emissions by signing up to the Business in the Community Ireland Low Carbon Pledge, setting science-based targets for emission reduction by 2024. 

In the current year, Boots and the No7 Beauty Company have set up a group of Net Zero Leads throughout the organization. These Leads utilize baseline footprint data for Scopes 1, 2, and 3, collected in fiscal 2022, to formulate an emissions reduction strategy. They convene monthly to pinpoint avenues for emission reduction within their respective business domains, compile data to facilitate annual footprint assessments, and motivate their teams to actively participate in emission reduction efforts.

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