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BookSmart24’s SmartChoice App is for the environmentally conscious traveler


An app for the environmentally conscious traveler.

While existing travel sites show the cheapest or fastest travel options, BookSmart24’s new app help you find the most CO2 and emission saving options for your chosen destination.

The platform empowers users to make smart and responsible booking decisions and understands that green travel doesn't have to be more expensive.

BookSmart24 aims to prevent CO2 emissions and other harmful emissions. BookSmart24’s SmartChoice shows users how to make booking decisions that are convenient and at the same time green and economical. Thanks to the app's clear and simple user interface, the end user is informed at a glance about the environmental impact of their trip.

A greener flight doesn't have to be more expensive. The cost difference for more CO2 efficient roads is often small. The platform calculates and compares the price, travel time and CO2 impact of each route based on its propriety algorithm.

SmartChoice prioritizes and recommends routes with the lowest carbon footprint, while ensuring fares and travel times stay within the estimated average of those routes. The app also adapts to the constantly evolving and rapidly changing mobility industry, and takes into account additional parameters including biofuels or the sustainability of airports or stations.

Currently, BookSmart24 serves several airlines. It also to soon focus on high-speed trains around the world, which will be later integrated into the app; this will allow consumers to combine train and plane connections in their travel planning.

The basic structure of the global high-speed global distribution system (GDS) has already been installed on the platform and the service will be provided in the coming weeks.

In the next phase, the city's multi-mobility concept (public transport, car-sharing, etc.) will be integrated into the platform to offer sustainable sightseeing trips around the world, with the goal to make BookSmart24 the global reference platform for sustainable travel.