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Bloomberg & Veterans Aid Get Together To Refurbish An Accommodation For Veterans


Transformation happens when collaboration & hard work go hand in hand.

Dailycsr.com – 20 July 2016 – After the seven hundred fifty volunteers from Bloomberg put in “over 3,800 hours”, the Veterans Aid announced that the “Old Rectory transformation” project had been completed successfully. The said attempt was made to prepare a twelve bedroom “facility for homeless veterans” as part of “£7 million New Belvedere House hostel refurbishment project”.
In the endeavour of renovating “the Old Rectory building”, “Habitat for Humanity” has lent a partnership hand to Bloomberg’s volunteers. While the Chief Executive Officer at Veterans Aid, Dr Hugh Milroy added:
“This refurbishment project is a life-changer for many ex-servicemen in need. Although the Old Rectory is just the start of the overall New Belvedere House transformation, it has set a standard that will change the way people think about hostels for the homeless.”
With a partnership of the trio, “Veterans Aid, Habitat for Humanity and Bloomberg”, the “former Victorian rectory” has now been transformed into four “communal flats”. In fact, some of the employees of Bloomberg are themselves veterans and they too became a part of the project who volunteered “in every aspect of the building’s renovation, from stripping out redundant equipment and taking down old walls to building new structures and redecorating”.
His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh, paid the first official visit to the Old Rectory on the 2nd of June 2016. While, the Philanthropy Head for Bloomberg Europe, Jemma Read, remarked:
“The Old Rectory refurbishment has been the largest sustained volunteer project Bloomberg has undertaken, and has given us the chance to do something of remarkable scale and significance for our local veteran community. The completion of this project marks an important moment for us in our commitment to support the rehabilitation of ex-servicemen and women into civilian life.”
Moreover, Bloomberg also informs:
“The role of the Old Rectory building is to prepare men moving from single room accommodation in the main hostel for life with more autonomy and responsibility. Its refurbished rooms will continue to form shared apartments where residents take collective responsibility for cleaning, cooking and housekeeping”.